Highly Effective Code Reviews (Hint: They’re Automated)


Industry data demonstrate that code reviews are highly effective.

effectiveness of code reviews
Out-Sized Effectiveness of Code Reviews

The problem, however, is that code reviews are time consuming, expensive, and difficult to get right.

To be effective, code reviews require the following:

1) Software engineering expertise

2) An objective basis for evaluating code

3) Comprehensive code coverage

4) A repeatable method that produces reliable results

5) Practical guidance on how to prioritize and fix problems found, and

6) A way to quantify improvement (and hence the effectiveness of code review activities)

As you can see, these are very difficult to set up in any organization. It quickly becomes too expensive, cumbersome, and unworkable.

So how do you get both low cost AND effective code reviews that overcome all the usual stumbling blocks (1 -6) that otherwise prevent companies from effective code reviews?

Check out the webinar on automating code reviews on the DCG website!

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