Highlight Update Brings Rapid Portfolio Analysis to the Masses


Large and small enterprises have continually struggled with finding a way to manage the software risk inherent in their ever-increasing application portfolio. And now, in a year where companies such as NASDAQ, Knight Capital, American Airlines, and BATS have suffered costly and embarrassing IT failures, software risk is top of mind for every IT executive.

That’s why today we’re announcing an update to our flagship portfolio analysis solution, CAST Highlight, which expands the types of systems it can analyze to unlock the power of portfolio analysis for companies large and small. Its low-cost SaaS model makes it 20 times cheaper than traditional enterprise software, without the need for costly hardware or licenses, and less disruptive for users, ready to deploy in minutes, from any location without the need to transfer source code.

You can get more info on the new Highlight update in the release we put out this morning. Key new features include:

  • Portfolio KPIs -- To rapidly assess the ‘software health’ of systems against objectives
  • Ability to quantify short term risk -- Preventing unforeseen glitches and outages
  • At-a-glance summary of technology, age, and size of systems -- Prioritize where to invest
  • Use of standard metrics and industry benchmarks -- Comparison against the competition
  • Improved workflow management -- Quickly oversee multiple systems
  • Analyze PHP and Objective C applications

Still not convinced? Click here to see how Highlight can unveil code quality issues and cost drivers, allowing you to prioritize IT investments and reduce the cost of large, complex, and risk-laden portfolios in days, not months.

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Alexandra Szynkarski
Alexandra Szynkarski Senior Solution Consultant, Oracle
Expertise: go-to-market strategies; product management; market research; development of relationships with internal and external stakeholders to define product plans; digital marketing and communications; awareness and branding programs; B2B vertical lead generation; marketing content programs; data analysis (SPSS); cross-cultural awareness with experience in France, USA, UK.
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