Get More Value from Your Cloud Investments with PaaS


For some time now, companies have been demonstrating a tendency to transfer their IT infrastructure to the cloud to leverage its numerous advantages:

  • Reduces complexity
  • Provides perpetual updates for IT landscapes, which saves time and money
  • Makes IT purchases a thing of the past
  • Affords scalability of additional server and storage capacities, which is especially important for early-stage companies where growth is unpredictable, which can challenge the company’s IT infrastructure.

The good news is these are just a few of the many cloud benefits that more and more businesses are discovering. The bad news is that a vast majority of these data center cloud migration projects fail for a myriad of reasons, including:

While it may seem like migration to the cloud is complicated, using combining targeted support with the right answers to the right questions, cloud migration can be successful. These are some examples of the right questions and the answers to them:

  • What should cloud migration include?
    As much as possible, IT environments must become increasingly agile in order to meet new requirements of the individual departments. This is where cloud computing is playing an increasingly important role. Possible approaches to this are very diverse and range from complete cloud migration to migration to a hybrid cloud.

  • What is a hybrid cloud?
    A hybrid cloud occurs when a company retains its own data center, but also access public cloud services from their server.
  • What aspects of the business companies take into account when moving to the cloud?
    A company should consider the business, technical and legal aspects of migrating to the cloud.
  • Are there security concerns?
    First, determine what data will be moved to the cloud, particularly data that could be targeted by cybercriminals and therefor requires stricter security.
  • How can applications be migrated to the cloud?
    It is important to make an accurate accounting of which applications you want to move to the cloud, and only transfer those applications that are appropriate in terms of bandwidth, latency, memory requirements and computing power.
  • How can applications be checked for their cloud readiness?
    Using CAST Highlight’s CloudReady Index, you can examine your applications for cloud readiness as you shift to PaaS. CAST Highlight uses detailed, automated code review to determine whether an application should be migrated to the cloud and the best way to perform that migration.

To answer these and many other questions, CAST is working with Microsoft and Noventum Consulting to help IT managers and strategists establish a practical approach to migration, including setting goals, measuring impact and following a strategic migration roadmap.

Get started now by taking the Cloud Continuum quiz to measure the cloud maturity of your IT organization. 

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Steffen Ritter
Steffen Ritter Director
Steffen is a Director at CAST with more than 15 years of experience cutting-edge software and technologies for PC and Mac, mobile devices and cloud computing.
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