Forrester’s Bill Martorelli On Multisourcing


Forrester analyst Bill Martorelli spoke last week on the topic of Multisourcing in 2010: Best Practices for Managing Risk and Cost.

Bill Martorelli of Forrester
Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst, Forrester

You can hear the presentation again by clicking here.

Bill presented the 10 commandments of multisourcing covering governance, SLAs, and best practices. Here are some salient points from his presentation.

  • Be realistic.  You want vendor innovation and low cost and high quality. You can achieve all that, but it takes governance discipline and a focus on the right metrics.
  • The core of governance is having transparency and visibility into the product delivered by vendors. Get to the right metrics to understand the true drivers of cost and business disruption risk.
  • Measure and monitor these drivers to get predictive control over cost and risk.
  • Beware of reducing cost without improving quality.

What are the right  KPIs to monitor? Which governance steps are essential? How should your multi-vendor SLA be structured?

To find out, click here.

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