#FacebookDown is a Trend For Now, But Could Turn Into an IT Risk Management Nightmare


When the entire Facebook platform -- including mobile, web, and third party apps -- went down last week, users took to Twitter hashtag #FacebookDown in a blind panic to lament the social media outage. Though these outages might seem harmless and commonplace, Facebook’s reputation rides on their users’ ability to log onto Facebook from anywhere, at any time. And the more Facebook users have to turn to Twitter or other social networks to have their online voices heard, the harder it will be for them to log back in.

Sorry to say it Facebook, but the switching cost between you and Twitter is almost non-existent. The only real remaining measures are user experience and availability. So whichever social network manages to nail super high availability will eventually emerge as the social network victor. That’s not to say that Twitter doesn't have its fair share of IT risk management nightmares, but their fans are loyal, as you can see below:


That sentiment was echoed all over the #FacebookDown hashtag -- with jokes and genuine outrage -- blaming Facebook for it’s shoddy service.






But while there were jokes being made about the outage, the exodus over to Twitter was fast and widespread.




For now, this was simply a hashtag trend that faded as services came back online for Facebook. But as the next generation of social media consumers turn to mobile apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter for their digital needs, Facebook is going to have to work harder than ever to keep their fans on-page and engaged.

Pete Pizzutillo
Pete Pizzutillo Vice President
Pete Pizzutillo is Vice President at CAST and has spent the last 15 years working in the software industry. He passionately believes Software Intelligence is the cornerstone to successful digital transformation, and he actively helps customers realize the benefits of CAST's software analytics to ensure their IT systems are secure, resilient and efficient to support the next wave of modern business.
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