DXC Technology Partners with CAST to Provide Faster Migration to the Cloud


The race to migrate enterprise software to the cloud has officially matured in this decade. 

According to Gartner, “Enterprise IT spending for cloud-based offerings will surpass spending for non-cloud IT offerings by 2022”, with Platform as a Service (PaaS) segment growing by more than 50% between 2019 and 2022.  

Recently, DXC has partnered with CAST to help their clients rapidly solidify data-driven cloud migration strategies to further accelerate their cloud migration journey.  

This a very exciting partnership for CAST, because no one better understands the challenges of the cloud migration journey than DXC Technology. CAST and DXC have worked closely together and share the concern of quickly helping clients determine the approach to cloud migration and plan the program.  The lack of a well-informed strategy can stall even the most well-resourced project.

Why is Objective Analysis Important to a Cloud Migration Strategy?

Through numerous successful cloud migration programs that consistently delivered increased efficiency and significant cost savings, DXC Technology understands that their clients’ biggest challenge is aligning on a cloud migration strategy.  

Most enterprises have portfolios of thousands of applications that have to be segmented (or rationalized) into different paths and phases for cloud migration.  Some applications may be ready for cloud migration because they are built on modern platforms and technologies, while others may need varying degrees of refactoring.  And, many will simply be rewritten in natively on the new cloud platform.

To make these strategic modernization decisions for each application, IT leaders typically collect a massive amount of information from individual applications, an exercise that could take several quarters or even years.  The most discouraging fact about these large data collection initiatives is that after an exorbitant amount of time invested, the results are often inconclusive and inconsistent. 

While application teams are clearly the best resources at answering questions about their applications, the evaluation of the cloud readiness of applications is often subjected to the teams’ understanding of the cloud.  While some questions can be gleaned from a survey, an application’s code usually holds the most objective view of an application’s readiness for the cloud. Furthermore, multi-tiered application dependency mapping, which is critical to establishing modernization grouping may often be lacking.  In the end, the results from such data collection methods are subjective at best, and highly misleading at worst.  

How CAST Highlight Helps DXC Accelerate Cloud Migration?

By integrating CAST Highlight into the DXC Modernization Studio, DXC can now help large enterprises rapidly collect objective application portfolio data, enabling analytics-based portfolio rationalization.

CAST Highlight rapidly assesses the cloud readiness of large enterprise portfolios of custom applications within weeks.  To ensure that data is collected uniformly and objectively, the SaaS solution automatically invites all application teams to participate in the same data collection process which includes a cloud readiness survey and a non-invasive code scan.  The collected data provides

  • Application candidates immediately ready for cloud migration

  • Objective assessments of each application for cloud readiness

  • Detailed cloud boosters and blockers for each application

  • Dependency mapping between components and applications 

  • Aggregated view of all enterprise applications 


By integrating CAST Highlight into its DXC Modernization Studio, DXC will quickly analyze enterprise application portfolios and help clients reach alignment on strategy and approach; shrinking a year-long process into a matter of weeks.

In the early stages of the cloud migration journey, DXC will use CAST Highlight to help IT leaders make informed decisions about how to approach the migration of each application, and group interrelated application into discrete phases for migration.  Throughout the journey, DXC will again use CAST Highlight to track and easily communicate the progress of the migration to clients by using the powerful analytics capabilities within the platform.


Fig 1: Segmenting and prioritizing application portfolio for modernization using CAST Highlight

Application Refactoring and Modernization: Two Times Faster

It is inevitable in cloud migration projects to discover applications and systems that will require major refactoring or application modernization to be ready for the cloud.  Depending on which research you read, the global spend on Application Modernization Services will increase between 15% - 20% annually in the next 5 years or so, amounting to somewhere in the ballpark of US$16 billion a year by the middle of the 2020s.  (Research 1, Research 2).  

Rolling individual application modernization projects under the overall cloud migration program is now a common practice.  To further help customers accelerate with their application modernization projects, DXC has planned to integrate CAST Imaging into its Modernization Studio.  CAST Imaging provides Google Maps-like software architecture visualization, enabling application teams to re-factor and re-architect complex systems twice as fast.  The ability of CAST Imaging to automatically and accurately reverse engineer complex multi-technology systems and present it in ultra visual fashion will provide us an edge to deliver modernization projects more quickly and more successfully.

Looking forward, DXC plans to roll out offering powered with CAST Imaging later this year.

Guru Venkatachalam
Guru Venkatachalam Director
Guru is an expert in bringing Software Intelligence-based solutions to market, specializing in key partnerships for CAST.
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