Doing Cloud Migration Right: A Look at Scotts Miracle-Gro


Assessing application performance and workloads as part of the cloud migration planning process is an important step for IT modernization, particularly for organizations who are looking to benefit from both IaaS and PaaS investments.

One company who seems to be doing this right is Scotts Miracle-Gro. The Wall Street Journal today profiled the company’s CIO, Mark Sims, who said they plan to have 90% of their technology in the cloud by 2020. We see more organizations reporting the move to cloud as a top priority, but turning these goals into action has remained challenging.

So why is Scotts Miracle-Grow successful?

Reason #1: They are assessing their application portfolio.

It does appear that Scotts is going through an application assessment that follows a methodology like the Gartner 5R framework for cloud migration: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild or Replace. This is the right approach to cloud migration, since it gives companies a baseline and starting point for the journey to cloud and helps speed the overall process.

Reason #2: Scotts views cloud as an innovation driver.

Based on Mr. Sims commentary, it’s clear Scotts is looking at the cloud as an opportunity to reduce cost, but they also have the foresight to see beyond the dollars saved today and are looking at dollars made tomorrow. Taking advantage of PaaS lays the foundation for increased innovation and competitive advantage by enabling the organization to access modern app services, such as dynamic scaling, artificial intelligence and IoT, among others.

This is a smart way to think about advantages of cloud. Hopefully they are staffing their growing IT department with expertise to take advantage of these capabilities. CAST Highlight is uniquely positioned to help them identify applications that are ideally suited to take advantage of these services.

Reason #3: Cloud is enabling team growth.

It’s easy for IT teams to get antsy when a cloud migration is announced, because it is often misinterpreted as a way to cut in-house IT talent. It’s encouraging to see that this move to the cloud has resulted in Scotts growing their IT headcount, versus decreasing it.

Scotts is proving that if cloud migration is done with an eye towards both cost savings and innovation, IT departments can grow. With both technology and the IT talent engaged, a continuous approach to modernization is possible.

You can read the full profile of Scotts in the WSJ here.

Greg Rivera
Greg Rivera Vice President
As Vice President of CAST Highlight, Greg leads product strategy for the CAST SaaS platform helping customers and partners accelerate app modernization / cloud migration, rationalize their app portfolios, and reduce open source risk. He has worked with Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft, IDG Communications, and Arrow Electronics for over 20 years in technology and media, helping them make successful digital transformations. Greg has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Management of Technology and is passionate about applying technology to improve business and our everyday lives.
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