One + One = Three: DCG Extends Outsourced ADM Support Offerings with CAST


CAST has worked with David Consulting Group (DCG), the premier global provider of Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) support solutions for software optimization, for many years. Illustrating the maturing Software Analysis & Measurement market, DCG recently expanded their offerings to include the Application Code Quality Center of Excellence, providing comprehensive code quality and portfolio analysis services powered by CAST.


Taking advantage of the strengths of each organization, the combined offerings provide enhanced value to customers. It will help organizations with large portfolios proactively identify risky applications and/or inefficient coding practices that disrupt performance and increase maintenance costs. The end result will be applications that are easier to enhance and maintain at a lower cost.

The Rapid Portfolio Assessment (RPA), powered by CAST Highlight, provides a comprehensive picture of a portfolio’s total health.  The analysis offers key data on metrics and trends, and can also identify problem applications that could benefit from further evaluation.

The Structural Quality Assessment (SQA), powered by CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), provides deep analysis of troubled applications that may be difficult to maintain and enhance, or those that suffer production stability and performance issues.  It identifies necessary improvements and follow-up assessments are performed to monitor the effectiveness of any changes.

As Mike Harris, President and CEO of DCG explained, “Every organization has applications in their portfolio that are more trouble than the others -- our new offerings help to isolate the problem applications with RPA and fix them with SQA.”

To find out how DCG and CAST can identify key risks, prioritize problems, and enhance the overall health of your organization’s application portfolio, learn more about the DCG Application Code Quality CoE here.

  This report describes the effects of different industrial factors on  structural quality. Structural quality differed across technologies with COBOL  applications generally having the lowest densities of critical weaknesses,  while JAVA-EE had the highest densities. While structural quality differed  slightly across industry segments, there was almost no effect from whether the  application was in- or outsourced, or whether it was produced on- or off-shore.  Large variations in the densities in critical weaknesses across applications  suggested the major factors in structural quality are more related to  conditions specific to each application. CRASH Report 2020: CAST Research on  the Structural Condition of Critical Applications Report
Open source is part of almost every software capability we use today. At the  very least libraries, frameworks or databases that get used in mission critical  IT systems. In some cases entire systems being build on top of open source  foundations. Since we have been benchmarking IT software for years, we thought  we would set our sights on some of the most commonly used open source software  (OSS) projects. Software Intelligence Report <> Papers
Making sense of cloud transitions for financial and telecoms firms Cloud  migration 2.0: shifting priorities for application modernization in 2019  Research Report
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