Crossing the Chasm


October 26th marked CAST's second annual Partner Conference. It was packed, with more than double the number of attendees this year compared to 2009.

CAST Partner Conference 2010

The agenda was packed too. But a single theme kept emerging throughout the conference: partnering with CAST is a win-win proposition.

Pictures of the event are on our Facebook page.

I'll cover just a few things. Have a look at the agenda below and if you have any questions, send me a note at

CAST CEO and President Vincent Delaroche began with the win-win message: "Don't just be a farmer, be a hunter!" In other words, CAST-enabled services like the Software Quality Gate and Risk and Cost Audits have a proven record of success with our partners for new business opportunities that generate high revenue, high margin growth.

Charles Gerth, SVP of Applications Services at Alliance Global Services was even more emphatic, saying "CAST has been a game changer for us!".

Charles cited two recent engagements where CAST's quality data proved to be a key differentiator for Alliance. In one case, when Alliance provided their customer with a report that quantified how the quality of a critical application had improved, the customer responded, "This is the best report we've seen from a consulting vendor!"

CAST-enabled services scale readily to large projects. IBM is CAST's 2010 Partner of the Year. Christin Brown and Scott Sherwood from IBM explained how CAST is used for consulting and internal projects within IBM.

Christin pointed out that they've seen a "flight to quality" in this down economy. IBM uses the CAST-enabled Software Quality Gate to "make testing smarter, not harder."

"The real reason IBM chose to use CAST is for its business intelligence and analytics capability," said Scott who went on to say, "CAST makes our teams better, smarter, and faster."

David Herron, VP of Knowledge Management Services at David Consulting Group (DCG) underscored the importance of measuring application size. CAST and DCG have collaborated on a number of application sizing projects. To read more about CAST's ability to measure Function Points, please see the Function Point FAQs.

"The rate at which CAST is acquiring new customers in the Global 2000 demonstrates that CAST has 'crossed the chasm'," explained Ian Henderson, SVP of Worldwide Field Operations at CAST, using the powerful image made popular by author Geoffrey Moore.

Come cross the chasm with CAST.


Time Subject Speaker
8:15am – 9:00am Breakfast – Networking
9:00am Welcome, Introductions Eli Goodrich
9:10am – 9:20am Conference objectives Bob Sacks –  CAST VP Business Development NA

30 min

CAST CEO: Vision & Strategy – Importance of Channel Partner Network Vincent Delaroche

30 min

Key Note Speaker: A special guest from

IBM: Discusses Channel Partner Success Story

Christin Brown - Sr. Business Area Manager
20 min Break

30 min

Alliance Global Services:

Metrics in the sales process

Charles Gerth – SVP Application Services
11:15 am

30 min

CAST AIP 7.0 and Roadmap Olivier Bonsignour – CAST SVP Research & Development

30 - 45 min

Live CAST 7.0 technical demo (some of demo during lunch) Raghvender Arni
12:00 pm

1 hour

Lunch Enjoy the tech demo and food together

90 minutes post lunch

Networking Tables:

CAST applicability in Business Partner Environments

25 minutes each table – customers will rotate from table to table
Table 1: Application Quality Gate Services Jitendra Subramanyam
Table 2: CAST Benchmarking Solutions Jay Sappidi
Table 3: Application Assessment Solutions Bill Stampfl

30 min


Success with CAST in Federal Business Market

Marc Jones – CAST National Federal Practice Director
3:00pm Break
3:20pm 2010 Business Partner of the Year Award Eli Goodrich

30 min

David Consulting Group:

Measuring for Performance

Dave Herron – VP Solutions

30 min

CAST Marketing – 2011 market creation and lead generation, CISQ. Lev Lesokhin –Chief Marketing Officer

30 min

North America Opportunity Ian Henderson –CAST SVP Operations World-wide
5:00pm Wrap Up –  Summary – Conference Close Eli Goodrich
6:00p Conference After Event The Mason Jar
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  This report describes the effects of different industrial factors on  structural quality. Structural quality differed across technologies with COBOL  applications generally having the lowest densities of critical weaknesses,  while JAVA-EE had the highest densities. While structural quality differed  slightly across industry segments, there was almost no effect from whether the  application was in- or outsourced, or whether it was produced on- or off-shore.  Large variations in the densities in critical weaknesses across applications  suggested the major factors in structural quality are more related to  conditions specific to each application. CRASH Report 2020: CAST Research on  the Structural Condition of Critical Applications Report
Open source is part of almost every software capability we use today. At the  very least libraries, frameworks or databases that get used in mission critical  IT systems. In some cases entire systems being build on top of open source  foundations. Since we have been benchmarking IT software for years, we thought  we would set our sights on some of the most commonly used open source software  (OSS) projects. Software Intelligence Report <> Papers
Making sense of cloud transitions for financial and telecoms firms Cloud  migration 2.0: shifting priorities for application modernization in 2019  Research Report
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