ComTimeCastWarner: An Application Portfolio Management Nightmare


In a merger, integrating company names is hard enough -- imagine having to integrate massive application portfolios?

As the Justice Department and the FCC evaluate the proposed merger between corporate behemoths Time Warner Cable and Comcast, I wonder if the C-suite at both companies are investing as much time evaluating the health and security of one another’s application portfolio. Historically, technical due diligence has lagged greatly behind the financial due diligence.


CIOs have consultants and resources that can provide a current view of IT portfolios, but they lack budget and time to employ them -- not to mention that the process is typically an arduous one, taking months and often riddled with subjective opinion.

Given the scale (if the deal goes through, Comcast would be servicing over 30 million video and broadband subscribers across the U.S.) and the disruptive state this industry is in, it’s time to think a bit differently.

What CIOs need is a fast, objective way to inventory hundreds of apps in a weeks’ time -- an automated process that sheds light on portfolio health, cost savings and software risk.

With that kind of visibility across vast, distributed applications, CIOs can identify cost savings and attack troubled systems that drain valuable resources. This level of insight is paramount for organizations reacting to the Heartbleed bug or the rash of glitches plaguing the IT industry. It’s also beneficial to organizations preparing their entire IT portfolio for a merger to ensure everything stays humming when it’s complete.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 enterprise or a two-person startup, the applications you rely on to run your business make or break your company. Combine that fact with the increasing complexity of software and pace of business, and you have a malevolent combination that bankrupts software organizations and puts CIOs on the unemployment line.

I hope for all our sakes that someone involved in the upcoming merger is pushing for a complete application portfolio analysis before they flip the switch. Because if you thought the internet got angry when flights got delayed or bank accounts appeared empty, image how they’ll react when they can’t stream the new season of Game of Thrones.

Of course, I do have a vested interest in this topic. CAST Highlight, our cloud-based application portfolio management service, was designed to help solve this exact issue -- analyzing enterprise-sized application portfolios in weeks for vulnerabilities and cost savings so IT managers can make actionable business decisions using unbiased information. So if the CIOs of Comcast or Time Warner are reading this, check out our demo or feel free to give me a call. We’d be happy to help!

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Pete Pizzutillo
Pete Pizzutillo Vice President
Pete Pizzutillo is Vice President at CAST and has spent the last 15 years working in the software industry. He passionately believes Software Intelligence is the cornerstone to successful digital transformation, and he actively helps customers realize the benefits of CAST's software analytics to ensure their IT systems are secure, resilient and efficient to support the next wave of modern business.
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