Code Quality Infographic: You Are What You Code!


Like it or not you are what you code! In the aftermath of the Heartbleed bug, we've seen how the impacts of poor code quality can extend far beyond a single application or organization. And IT executives are now faced with the stunning realization that good code isn't just a software development issue -- it’s a reflection of your business and reputation.

We compiled a handy infographic to demonstrate the impact that poor code quality can have on an organization. Make sure to get your free copy here!

It highlights the importance of static analysis tools and how they can improve your code quality, project management, and team productivity. A static portfolio analysis tool, like CAST Highlight, can perform rapid analysis to equip IT executives with fact-based reporting on application vulnerabilities and cost drivers they can use to confidently reduce the cost and complexity of their IT portfolios. Make sure you detect good code quality before they start to impact more than just your software.

Try CAST Highlight for free today!

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CAST Highlight: Code Quality
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