Cloud – Measure Quality Before You Migrate


A recent Booz Allen economic study highlights two key drivers of cost savings in a cloud environment: the speed at which you migrate your applications to the cloud and the extent to which you can reduce the internally-managed infrastructure supporting these migrated applications. The faster the better; the greater the reduction of internally-managed infrastructure the better.

But even before you get to the speed of migration, there’s a more fundamental question to answer: Which applications are suitable for migration to the cloud? Answering this question will depend on the specifics of your application portfolio and your (and your business’) appetite for risk. In particular, you’ll have to find the right balance between cost reduction and performance and security issues.

Here is how CAST's quality metrics can inform your migration plan.

A CAST analysis can determine which applications are ready for cloud migration and vet the performance of those applications before you put it on the cloud. Once on the cloud, CAST enables you to painlessly monitor your application's performance to ensure you are not wasting your money.

a. Understand how well the application will perform, measure robustness, performance, and security. Some of these factors can be exacerbated in a cloud environment; best to know that before you migrate. Also keep in mind that cloud hosts can kick you off the cloud if they determine that your application puts others on the cloud at risk.

b. In measuring quality, CAST can also quickly highlight and measure the drivers of application costs. Some of these cost drivers remain whether you’re on the cloud or not, so it’s important to know about them from the start.

c. If cloud is a cost cutting measure, use CAST metrics to make sure you're not burning more MIPS, using more memory, and transferring more data than you should.

Use application quality information to make the best migration decision.

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