Cloud – Is that Something You Might Be Interested In?


Recently, an Australian team studied the performance of the Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Clouds. The results reminded me of Bob on Entourage.

The results are not surprising. The on-demand cloud services from these companies "suffer from regular performance and availability issues."

Now, not to make too much of this -- we already know that blazing performance on the cloud is neither a promise these vendors make nor an economic reality. After all, if you want cheap AND scalable, something's got to give.

But you can be prepared.

If you could precisely measure the performance and availability of an application on the cloud, would that be something you might be interested in?

If you could do this before you migrated to the cloud, would this be something you might be interested in?

If you're a vendor of Cloud services, would you be interested in tracking not just usage, but quality of service?

Well, you can. In what follows I'll show you exactly when and what to measure for optimal migration.

1. If you manage an IT organization, measure application quality before you move it to the Cloud. Software quality metrics will determine which applications are ready for migration to cloud and vet the performance of those applications before you put it on the cloud. Once on the cloud, these same quality measures enable you to painlessly monitor your application's performance to ensure you are not wasting your money.

a. Understand how well the application will perform, measure robustness, performance, and security. (Cloud hosts can kick you off the cloud if your application puts others on the cloud at risk.)

b. When you measure quality, you quickly highlight and quantify the drivers of application costs.

c. If cloud is your path to cost cutting, use these quality metrics to make sure you're not burning more MIPS, using more memory, and transferring more data than you should.

2. As a SaaS/Cloud vendor, providing quality metrics to your customer  differentiates you from the competition.

a. Measure and communicate the quality of your SaaS/Cloud environment to current and potential customers.

b. Use application quality metrics to demonstrate the measurable cost of quality of your services.

I'd be glad to tell you more - just email me. Or go here.

Now Bob might be a parody of himself, but he really gets to the core of what matters. In software, it's the only thing that matters in the end is the product, the stuff, aka the code. It's so difficult to measure that people get frustrated.

But it's something you should be interested in.

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