CAST User Group on Function Point Analysis: Key Findings


1On April 6th, CAST held a user group meeting on the topic of function point analysis and software productivity measurement. The meeting gathered more than 20 software measurement professionals from major companies in the banking, IT consulting, telecom, aviation and public sectors for a two-hour working session to discuss the benefits of function point analysis testing.

The event featured presentations including:

  1. An IBM case study on how they worked with CAST to integrate and secure an Automated Function Point (AFP) approach with a big player in the aeronautic sector within TMA Systems
  2. Functional sizing case study
  3. Updates on the new CISQ standards for Automated Function Points
  4. The importance of internal and external benchmarking

The IBM case study presented by Frédéric SCHMITT, Director of Software Quality / Automated Function Point Center of Excellence, was a key highlight from the user group meeting. Frédéric presented the client’s productivity journey to improve its application development team and vendor efficiency through more scalable measurement programs. IBM worked with the client to implement automated function point analysis counting methodology based on CAST, CISQ and OMG standards.

To support broader improvement initiatives, performance measurement, IT spending decisions and stronger vendor relationship management, IBM introduced a bonus-malus system based on Enhanced Function Points (EFP). The system effectively calculated on the ratio of productivity gain objectives against the productivity gains produced to incentivize both internal team members and IT vendors.

The takeaways from this meeting were:

  • How to reconcile the results of manual and automatic function point counting
  • How to engage teams around automated function point measurement
  • How to define common productivity metrics across companies

Participants walked away from the event with a keen understanding of the importance of software productivity measurement and the need for AFP education in the French market.

Michael Muller
Michael Muller Product Owner Cloud-Based Software Analytics & Benchmarking at CAST
Michael Muller is a 15-year veteran in the software quality and measurement space. His areas of expertise include code quality, technical debt assessment, software quality remediation strategy, and application portfolio management. Michael manages the Appmarq product and benchmark database and is part of the CAST Research Labs analysis team that generates the industry-renowned CRASH reports.
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