CAST Talks IT Risk Management and the Benefits of Human Capital in Madrid


Last week, CAST celebrated the third edition of its CIO Conference in Spain examining the tandem between IT risk management and productivity improvement. CAST has captured the greatest moments and posted the pictures from the conference here!

The objective of the conference was to analyze the importance of measuring quality improvement programs and productivity. It has become apparent that the quality of software is crucial to the success of IT organizations and the lack of it has a great impact in the customer experience in the TTM and IT efficiency.

Demetrio Barragán, from Penteo Analyst, expressed his belief that companies will have to change their mindset and stop thinking about cost cutting, and instead focus on growth mode. Barragan went on to say that IT departments should be engines of this process by acting as levers to reach more new customers and extract maximum value from interactions with them. Moreover the analyst moderated an eloquent roundtable which showed the vision from customers and system integrators.

During the conference, Bill Curtis, CAST Scientific Officer, noted that the productivity of software development should be measured as more than just an “input-output.” He continued, “The aim should be to adjusted productivity with quality outcomes for more visibility.” Curtis also presented the latest CRASH Report from CAST Research Labs, based on analysis of 1,316 applications and 706 million lines of code from 212 organizations in sectors such as finance, retail, telecommunications, and government.

The report lays out a simple goal for IT: to evolve from just one test team to a quality organization from start to finish. In the report’s summary of global trends, it became apparent that there is no difference between onshore and offshore development, the choice of support equipment can result in some differences, CMMI Level 1 offers lower structural quality, and that applications with higher number of users have higher structural quality due to heightened security measures.

IT Risk Management-CIO Conference Spain

As the conference drew to a close, José Manuel Martínez Zambrano presented the implementation of CAST in Vodafone which has a business case ROI of 31 percent. The last speaker, Margarita Alvarez, Director of Marketing and Communication at Adecco, announced to the conference that she’d discovered the true secret of technology: people. According to Margarita, the most important part of a company is its people, and their human capital. But it becomes even more important in those companies where innovation is key, as is the case with most technology-intensive enterprises. Innovation comes from people, so it is essential that the broth is generated mainly through the culture of a company.

I wanted to thank all the sponsors and attendees at the conference. It was great environment for an important and compelling IT discussion.

Please view the pictures from the conference here!

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