CAST Releases Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) 8.1


CAST is pleased to announce the release of AIP 8.1, a continuation of the big step forward made in AIP 8.0. AIP 8.1 extends the functionality of Application Intelligence Platform to provide greater technology support, improved reporting and new code viewing capabilities in the Application Engineering Dashboard (AED).

 Java 8 Support

Java 8 is quickly being adopted by Java developers. CAST now fully supports Java 8 and can help you find flaws linked to the use of the very popular Java 8 lambda functions, among others.

Code Viewing in the Application Engineering Dashboard

The new Application Engineering Dashboard (AED) is designed to improve your experience and make it easier to gain critical insights into your application. With the addition of advanced code viewing capabilities, you can now quickly drill into the most complex system-level defects and then review those defects directly in your code for fast remediation. Improving the user experience is a key benefit in AED, and this enhancement gives you even more functionality at your fingertips to remediate defects fast.

 Improved Report Generation and Dashboards

Reports are key to enabling good communication throughout an organization. AIP 8.1 extends the Report Generator with support for Excel output, as well as many new predefined components to create even richer reports based on CAST measurements. The REST API used to access AIP data has also been enriched to enable other business data to be combined with AIP measurements, enhancing the dashboards with business-specific indicators based on these derived measures (for example: production stability versus critical violations). All these improvements let you do more with the treasure trove of data available in AIP.

Support for Entity Framework

The Entity Framework support makes function point counting even simpler for .NET applications and enables you to use the Architecture Checker to enforce your programming practices for proper use of the framework. AIP’s support for this framework lets you and your developers take advantage of the framework knowing that your code can be fully analyzed with all of the appropriate relationships mapped.

Increased Scoring Accuracy

AIP 8.1 offers a new way of scoring your application independently of the application module structure. This provides greater flexibility in how you score your application and reduces the dependence of the score on changes that occur if the module structure evolves.

Coming Soon!

In addition to these new enhancements, we are also working on a new Extensions Library that will provide access to the many custom extensions created over time by CAST partners, clients and consultants. This broad set of extensions will be made available for free based on open source principles and will help cover just about any technology used in enterprise applications. In addition to over 60 technologies and frameworks supported by AIP, these extensions will give you unparalleled coverage for your applications.

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