CAST Must See-TV Season 2: How to Multisource Applications


Seldom do the worlds of mainstream network television programming and IT collide. But when they do … it’s comedy. Or at least NBC thinks so. The network is promoting a sitcom called ‘Outsourced’ about an American thirty-something who goes to India to manage a call-center.  Inevitably, comedic culture clashes ensue. Cringe-worthy clip here (SFW but not funny).

Because we’re ahead of the mainstream (not to mention the experts on software quality), the world’s leading outsourcers and biggest IT organizations have been coming to CAST for help with their Outsourcing strategies and practices for years. In fact, hundreds of IT executives ‘tuned in’ to the Season 1 webinar, “Outsourcing with Forrester” starring Bill Martorelli, principal analyst.  A lot has changed in the IT world since 2009.

In Season 2, Mr. Martorelli will reprise his starring role in a webinar on July 27th.   In "How to Multisource", Mr. Martorelli will explain how the most successful companies decide what to outsource, how to measure the quality of what is outsourced and when it’s time to consolidate vendors.

We can’t promise a hilarious comedy about “where Midwest meets the exotic East” (their words, not ours), but you will learn what the latest trends and practical tips guaranteed to improve your Multisourcing.

So grab the popcorn and put down the remote - “Outsourcing with Forrester” is on!

To tune in on July 27th,  click here.

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