CAST AIP 7.1 update brings relevant & reliable software quality metrics to the enterprise


With a worrying uptick in the number of IT glitches, halts, and crashes that have been plaguing Wall Street and other critical industries over the past year, business leaders are beginning to realize the importance of tracking the software quality and risk metrics of their core business applications to keep them robust and reliable.

That’s why we’re announcing an update to our flagship platform -- CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) 7.1 -- that makes it even easier for business leaders to analyze and measure the software structure of enterprise-sized applications, and benchmark their applications against competitors in their industry.

Click over to the release to get the full story, or you can get a sneak peek of the most exciting new features in CAST AIP 7.1 -- the Delivery Management Tool, integrated Appmarq database, and a refreshed UI -- that we featured here on our blog.

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Alexandra Szynkarski
Alexandra Szynkarski Senior Solution Consultant, Oracle
Expertise: go-to-market strategies; product management; market research; development of relationships with internal and external stakeholders to define product plans; digital marketing and communications; awareness and branding programs; B2B vertical lead generation; marketing content programs; data analysis (SPSS); cross-cultural awareness with experience in France, USA, UK.
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