CAST 2009 Partner Opportunity Conference in NYC

Alliance Global Services, 2009 Partner of the Year
Alliance Global Services, 2009 Partner of the Year

On October 20, CAST brought together 20 partners for a lively day of information sharing and fun. (That's Eli Goodrich of CAST with Charles Gerth, SVP of Application Services, Alliance Global Services, winner of the 2009 Partner of the Year award.)

Vincent Delaroche, CAST founder, Chairman, and CEO kicked off the meeting, stressing the vital role partners play in our North America business. "In France, CAST is well established in 2/3rds of the country's top 100 companies, used by 9 out of 10 large system integrators, and an integral part of the services provided by high-end IT consulting companies. Our U.S. partners are vital to replicating this tremendous success in North America."

Marc Zablit, VP of Business Development for system integrators and ISVs, highlighted key system integrator successes with CAST and the 4 main ways in which system integrators and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) use CAST to improve their revenue and margin. CAST is widely used to:

  • Drive maintenance cost reductions
  • Boost application development productivity
  • Be a essential part of an IVV process
  • Be an essential part of a handful of high-margin, scalable services (more on this below)

Partner of the year, Charles Gerth from Alliance Global Services gave us an excellent tour of how CAST is built into each of their main service offerings:

  • Strategic Guidance
  • Application Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Application Maintenance

"CAST is a proven technology and CAST-driven Application Risk Assessments are a scalable, tip of the spear offering for us," said Gerth.

Olivier Bonsignour, VP of Product Development at CAST took us on a breathtaking tour of the CAST AIP as it exists today and the exciting developments that are soon to come (stay tuned for a major new release!). In particular, Olivier explained the 3 key dimensions along which the CAST product is continually improved:

  • Adding value on application quality
  • Increasing the breadth and depth of CAST's technical coverage
  • Making it even easier to implement CAST

Adam Guglicielo from CAST conducted a How-To on demoing CAST, and Lev Lesokhin, VP of Worldwide Marketing outlined the content and mechanics of spreading the CAST message far and wide.

Dave Rubino of American Fulfillment Group (AFG), a longstanding CAST partner captured the spirit of the day by declaring, "I don't believe in magic, but CAST is the closest I've come to it!"

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