As IT Budgets Rebound, Companies Look to the Cloud for Quality


Alyson Behr, a contributor to SD Times, wrote yesterday about companies beginning to increase their IT spending this year as the world begins to emerge from the global recession. This is all good news to those of us in the IT industry – it sure has been a long time coming! We’ve been mired in this economic quagmire for nearly a decade and the increased spending displays promising, albeit measured confidence that things are beginning to get better.

Cloud-Software-QualityBut that confidence comes with the experience of past decade and, as Behr notes, delivering on software quality is taking an increased role in the minds of those in IT.

Behr harkens back to the HP/Capgemini 2010-2011 World Quality Report and points to its prediction that mobile and web-based applications would take positions in the spotlight. She adds that the quality check for these applications would be focused in two areas – cloud-based applications and mobile applications. On this point, she cites Charlie Li, a vice president at Capgemini, who said:

“The first area of focus is around testing applications being moved to the cloud or outsourced data centers. There will also be a focus on how to test from the cloud infrastructure to provide fully managed testing services with testing services, tools and infrastructure bundled into a single service.

"The other focus will be around mobile apps certifications. We see mobile operators building larger app stores and looking for partners to help them certify and validate apps that will go into their stores.”

What Li says in Behr’s article serves as further validation of CAST’s recent announcement of its impending rollout of a Cloud-based Mobile Application Assessment program. With more businesses focusing on a mobilized enterprise, an independent, third-party assessment program is needed to ensure that mobile applications accessing sensitive information are safe, structurally sound and efficient. Moreover, the assessment program needs to adhere to one of the most austere lessons of the recession, a lesson Li also cites in the article – “do more with less.” To achieve more with less in terms of software quality assessment, companies will focus on cloud-based assessment.

This is what CAST had in mind when it purchased Cloud technology from a sole source service provider to the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), the parent company of Airbus.  The acquisition provided CAST with a robust, lightweight, cloud-based software-analysis engine, capable of analyzing, measuring and quickly providing a software quality assessment on large blocks of code.

What CAST plans to do is offer an assessment program as a SaaS portal through which software developers will be able examine thousands of lines of code at a time within seconds without having to upload source code to the cloud.  The portal will automatically analyze and measure the code and provide feedback on software size and health, based on industry norms, standards and best practices. Looking ahead, that portal will become the basis for a Mobile Application Certification program, which will provide enterprises with assurances of the quality of the software being used by their mobile workforces.

Look for more news about CAST’s Mobile Application Assessment program and certification in coming months.

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Jonathan Bloom
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