SAP Stability and Performance Webinar Questions Answered


Last Wednesday we hosted a webinar featuring Steve Naylor of Solvay.

During the webinar, Mr. Naylor illustrated how gaining visibility into critical SAP systems has helped maintain uninterrupted services and reduced development costs.

Mr. Naylor also shared how software analysis and measurement:

  • Provides insight into legacy ABAP systems
  • Identifies security issues not detected by native SAP code analysis tools
  • Reveals hidden software complexity that can cause performance and stability issues

Here are some of the key questions asked during the event:

  1. How does CAST reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of an SAP implementation?

Steve Naylor, Solvay: While Solvay’s initial investment in CAST was not driven by financial reasons, we were able to reduce costs. We analyzed a remote network system managed by a third party. There were significant performance issues. We spent a lot of time and money trying to improve the hard performance. Eventually, we decided to analyze it with CAST. By identifying issues within the software that impeded the performance, and fixing them, we were able to avoid spending more money to increase hardware resources.

John Chang, CAST: CAST can reduce the total ownership cost of SAP deployments in several ways. Like Steve mentioned, there is demonstrated improvement in performance issues.  Another example is that customers have used it to reduce the complexity within their SAP implementation, which reduce developer effort needed to maintain and create custom ABAP code.  We also have a team of solution designers who can help individual customers look at their specific situation and analyze the potential total ownership cost savings.

  1.  How does CAST help with Vendor Management?

Steve Naylor, Solvay: CAST really helped us clarify “who’s right” issues. We were able to very clearly identify areas where there are risks and weaknesses and show it to our supplier.  CAST provided an independent source backed by the industry and SAP that can explain why things shouldn’t be done the way they were done. It made it much easier to convince the supplier to do something a certain way. It gave us a common framework that we can work to even with developers overseas.

  1. Can CAST Analyze SAP-HANA custom code?

John Chang, CAST: Yes, the way that CAST analyzes database transactions and interactions within applications and SAP environment is using industry accepted classical database use best practices. Many of these best practices apply to HANA. HANA does have specific behavior that is different than traditional databases. CAST is evaluating these unique HANA requirements.

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John Chang
John Chang
John Chang has helped Fortune 2000 companies leverage CAST’s solutions to reduce system-level defects and improve application development outcome success.
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