CAST AIP Release: Faster Analysis for More Technologies


Enhanced Technology Coverage: Kotlin, Vue, AWS DynamoDB, Azure CosmosDB

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) continues to evolve to include modern web and mobile developments, supporting components such as full stack frameworks, database access libraries, NoSQL databases and cloud services. From system-level analysis to analyzing the entire application, our aim is to cover all components of a modern application, so you get the most from your CAST investments. We regularly update available Technology Extensions in our Extend portal.

Mobile Technologies: CAST AIP now covers Kotlin, widely used for Android development. Please check our latest Android Extensions now covering Java & Kotlin: system-level analysis can now be run for such mobile applications. We continue to enhance our iOS support with new rules for Swift. For more information, check our latest iOS and Swift Extensions.

Web Technologies: CAST AIP continuously improves its coverage in latest web technologies for front-end frameworks frequently used in web development. CAST AIP now supports Vue, and includes enhanced support for Angular, ReactJS, React-Native and NodeJS. We now also support database access libraries or ORMs (Sequelize, TypeORM, Mongoose, etc.). Cloud services have also been included in AIP technology coverage, with AWS S3, and NOSQL databases such as AWS DynamoDB and Azure CosmosDB.



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Improved Speed of Analysis

Enhancing the overall speed of system-level analysis is always a main objective of every CAST AIP release. We have increased performances of commonly used analyzers and have continued making improvements based on customer feedback. We have accelerated the initial configuration of an application for CAST AIP, leading to faster analysis and earlier resolution of critical flaws.

Increased Performance for Analyzers: While we work on newer technologies, we continue to enhance the performance and coverage of existing languages. The performance time of JEE analyzer has been improved by 40%, reducing the overall time to analyze and reconcile the findings. Check our latest JEE Extension in Extend.

Accelerate initial configuration with CAST AIP console: CAST AIP console is our one-stop interface to trigger, monitor and control all analyses, for initial analysis onboarding as well as for monitoring automated rescans. CAST operators can now complete an entire analysis in just two clicks. If not already familiar with CAST AIP Console, start using it now to enhance your user experience. The latest release integrates Gradle support, allows for easier configuration to Maven repos, has a new layout and an easier way to create models in Architecture Studio with automated backup.

Operate and monitor all automated rescans in CAST AIP Console: if you are running rescans using CMS, you can now move to CAST AIP Console. Just import your existing applications into CAST AIP Console and start using AIP Console to operate and monitor your rescans in one single user interface. You can also replace your legacy Jenkins integration with a new Jenkins integration and manage the integration from CAST AIP console. Check our latest rescan automation capability in Extend. You can also email our Professional Services team for more details at

New Technical Debt Computation Based on OMG Industry Standard

Automated Technical Debt Measurement is the new CISQ & OMG standard to estimate, compare and trend obsolescence of an application.

Now computed in man-days to correct all main CISQ/OMG violations, Technical Debt should be reduced to lower general maintenance and future evolution costs, irrespective of the development methodology - Agile or waterfall. It can also be used as a benchmark for comparing applications in any given portfolio.

You may find more details in Extend to download and use new Extensions and Dashboards for Technical Debt, and by clicking here.



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Shibin Michael
Shibin Michael Product Marketing Manager, CAST
Shibin started his career as a developer and has spent close to a decade in the tech industry across a wide range of roles. He is passionate about using Software Intelligence to help IT practitioners.
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