Agile for Smarties – A Resource Kit


There are plenty of "...for dummies" materials out there. This one is for smarties. So buckle up!

A couple of weeks ago, Dave West, Principal Analyst from Forrester and I had a chat about Agile. Click here to replay the Forrester webinar.

Three themes kept coming up.

First, what exactly are teams doing when they say they're doing Agile? Do they have a case of Scrumbut? Are they doing Scrum, ...., but not this or that particular thing?

Second, does Agile scale to large projects where teams are large and geographically distributed?

And finally, what are some best practices for Agile?

Agile Burndown Chart
A Bumpy Ride for the Architecture

Over the last year, we've heard these and similar questions on Agile.  We've done some webinars and published some materials. I thought I'd collect these up for you here into an Agile Resource Kit.


Filled in: Technical Debt
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