A Financier’s Guide to Technical Debt


When one of our writers, Lev Lesokhin, started contributing to Wall Street & Technology he was shocked to find very little on the subject of technical debt. Considering how much the concept intersects the worlds of finance and technology, he thought he’d find whole forums of IT guys and financiers exploring the intricacies en mass.

CAST-financier-guide-to-technical-debtWhen he realized that was far from the case, he set out to create a guide to bridge the gap and get the conversation started. By taking some of the more complex concepts of technical debt and translating them into financial language, he hoped to bring the technical jargon out of the CIO boardroom and decipher it for a financial audience.

Be warned that the article is a little tongue in cheek, but you can click over to Wall Street & Technology to check it out.

Have you ever had to translate a highly complex topic for a non-technical audience? Tell us your story in a comment below.

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