ISO 5055 and CAST MRI for Software


CAST’s MRI for Software, or CAST’s Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), produces actionable insights into the structural condition of custom-built software systems. Architectural Insights are available through CAST Imaging and Structural Quality Insights are available within the Health Dashboard, Engineering Dashboard, and Security Dashboard.

The latest version of CAST MRI for Software integrates in its Dashboards the ISO 5055 standards that were released in April 2021, and boasts many new functionalities and technology coverage, particularly for Structural Quality Insights.

ISO 5055 integration in CAST Dashboards

The new ISO 5055 standard (ISO/IEC 5055) is providing engineering rules for finding and preventing the most critical flaws of software on four business-critical factors: Reliability, Security, Performance-Efficiency, and Maintainability. To learn more about ISO 5055 and your software, check out our webinar on it here. CAST Dashboards have been updated to integrate ISO 5055 standards, with key information displayed in the Health Dashboard and Engineering Dashboard.

The Health Dashboard now includes 4 tiles providing users with indicators on reliability, security, performance-efficiency, and maintainability of applications. The rules listed in the ISO 5055 standard, now available into CAST Structural Quality engines, provide users a view of where they stand and trends both at the portfolio level but also for each application analyzed with CAST.

ISO 5055 integration in CAST Dashboards

Engineering teams benefit from this integration into the Engineering Dashboard as well. The homepage now integrates a tile listing the number of violations according to the ISO 5055 standard. Then, the list of violations, globally or for each of indicator on reliability, security, performance-efficiency, and maintainability are listed. Then, users can identify precisely which rules are violated and which software component is involved into the violation.

An action plan recommendation functionality has been added into the Engineering Dashboard to help teams prioritize remediations and to provide an estimated effort of remediating violations to increase the value of any grade provided by CAST Dashboards. The action plan can be defined for an application or for a specific module of an application. The engine also integrates ISO 5055 standards if an application owner wants to focus on a particular area of reliability, security, performance-efficiency, or maintainability.

Improved Experience with Dashboards

The technology used for CAST Dashboards has been enhanced to improve the experience of both users and administrators of CAST technology. CAST Dashboards now use Spring Boot technology. Besides better security and performance, it removes the need to use a standalone web application server such as Apache Tomcat. Now, the web application server is instead embedded within the delivered dashboard. This will simplify and speed up the deployment of the CAST Dashboards. Those new dashboards also streamline the notification process, providing interactive information when updates are made to the data browsed by the users.

Many improvements have been made to the display of information within the Engineering Dashboard. It includes additional information, new visuals helping in getting information quicker, or filtering options to focus on information that matter the most for the user.

Streamlined Application Analysis

CAST Console hosts and updates engines for application analysis. It extracts the content from various entries and refines, validates, and stores the results of CAST analysis. Its interface has been greatly improved, providing users faster access to essential information, easing the analysis process, and speeding up its validation. CAST Console is also the home of Architecture Studio. It allows users to design advanced architecture models and architecture rules that are specific to each technology, framework, and their combination when designing and developing custom-built applications. Its interface has been enhanced to ease the definition of layers and rules for an application and for exporting the content of a validation model. New versions of CAST Console are coming to provide additional capacities when analyzing applications for CAST Architecture and CAST Structural Quality Insights.

Streamlined Application Analysis

Enhanced Technology Coverage

CAST MRI for Software continues to broaden the coverage of existing technologies to enhance the discovery and understanding of applications, but also to provide better insights on microservices orchestration and architecture, and cloud services usage.

Existing Cobol 6 coverage benefits from improvements in paragraphs and programs detection, IMS, and relation detection between JCL and SQL and Cobol program to Cobol and Java programs. Java analysis now has an extended support of JSF and EJB and now officially supports GWT and Java Swing.

For modern web and mobile developments, the support of Apache Camel, gRPC, AWS SQS, and Kafka is enhanced with Netflix services like Eureka, Zuul, and Hystrix (Integrated). In the following months, Alibaba Nacos will be added to this list with extended support of Python REST API framework coverage like Torndoweb, Fastapo, Falcon, Cherrypy, or Nameko.

Contact us today to find out more about how CAST Imaging can improve your team’s application discovery process and modernization journey.

Dejan Ivanov
Dejan Ivanov EVP, Solution Delivery & Customer Success
Dejan oversees the Delivery organization, with consulting resources in Europe, the US and India. Dejan is an experienced consulting and IT delivery leader fascinated about innovation and focused on delivering client value and maximizing client satisfaction. Pursuing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, CAST Delivery activities include the introduction of CAST technology into enterprises and GSIs, training and coaching, building clients’ Centers of Excellence for producing software intelligence and leveraging the insights throughout the organization. The Delivery organization also runs CAST Managed Services to operate our technology on behalf of customers.
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