Make migrating your COBOL applications to the cloud easier with CAST's Software Intelligence.
The Mainframe Has Come Full Circle
We've distilled key takeaways from the 2020 CRASH Report to give you insights on trends and challenges in custom enterprise applications.
The 2020 CRASH Report: Bigger Applications, Poorer Security, and Busting the Off-the Shelf Myth
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CAST AIP Datamart allows open and simple access to CAST data to crunch and measure CAST metrics against your Production Incidents, your MTTR, your QA Defect Escape Rate, or your end user satisfaction surveys.
The CAST AIP Data Mart for Fact-Based Decisions
CAST Imaging continues to enhance its software architecture blueprinting capabilities. Get the latest version to navigate down to the most granular level of microservices, NoSQL DB, and Cloud environments.
CAST Imaging Release: Blueprinting with Depth and Breadth
Open source is part of almost every software capability we use today. At the  very least libraries, frameworks or databases that get used in mission critical  IT systems. In some cases entire systems being build on top of open source  foundations. Since we have been benchmarking IT software for years, we thought  we would set our sights on some of the most commonly used open source software  (OSS) projects. Quality of Open Source Software Projects Report
CAST AIP continues to extend its coverage to include modern web and mobile technologies. Major performance enhancements are now available with latest version.
CAST AIP Release: Faster Analysis for More Technologies
Ivar Jacobson illustrates the importance of adhering to software engineering best practices in order to create the best product.
Process and Product – Two Sides of the Software Coin
New updates to CAST Highlight to facilitate your IT department's spring cleaning.
Spring Cleaning the Software Shop
No matter the size and experience of your team, modernizing legacy applications is no small task.
Legacy Modernization: How to Scale Your Approach and Reduce Delays
In our 29-criteria evaluation of the static application security testing (SAST)  market, we identified the 10 most significant vendors — CAST, CA Veracode,  Checkmarx, IBM, Micro Focus, Parasoft, Rogue Wave Software, SiteLock,  SonarSource, and Synopsys — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This  report shows how each measures up and helps security professionals make the  right choice. Forrester Wave: Static Application Security Testing, Q4 2017  Analyst Paper
Learn how CAST Highlight can help you and your teams achieve Heroku's 12-Factor App manifesto.
The 12-Factor App Manifesto: Assessing Your Applications
Business context of applications is crucial when assessing and prioritizing open source risk.
A Better Idea for Managing BFSI Open Source Software Risk
Making sense of cloud transitions for financial and telecoms firms Cloud  migration 2.0: shifting priorities for application modernization in 2019  Research Report
Bain & Co. and IBM leverage CAST Highlight to accelerate their clients' modernization journeys.
Paris Takeaways: Accelerating Application Modernization for Cloud Migration
Thales and LTI rely on CAST AIP to reduce technical debt and improve application security.
From Paris with Love: Building Responsible Software
CAST Highlight's newest release includes enhancements to open source risk and cloud readiness assessments.
The 'Easy Button' for Software Visibility
Enterprises are increasingly relying on objective facts on their software rather than surveys and interviews.
IT Decision Making: Bringing Facts to the Software Table in Paris
CAST Highlight now powers DXC Modernization studio enabling analytics based cloud migration
DXC Technology Partners with CAST to Provide Faster Migration to the Cloud
What's next for the CIO?
Who is the CIO 5.0?
Latest partnership powers Keyedin's top-rated cloud-based PPM solution with CAST Software Intelligence
Intelligent PPM: Getting to the true “Why”?
How to build a foundation for your application discovery starting with mapping of functional and technical views of complex applications.
Application Discovery : 3 Steps To Jump Start Your Understanding Of A Complex Software Application
Case study of application failure due to missing SQL error handling and how to avoid the same.
Silent Application Killers: SQL Statements without Error Handling
7 Steps for Running an Application Dependency Mapping Exercise
Software Oriented Application Dependency Mapping: A Key Cloud Migration Weapon You Can’t Miss in 2020