Narcisa Zysman
Narcisa Zysman - Senior Product Manager at CAST

Everything moves fast in the IT world. It is said that a year can be translated to seven years in a dog’s life. Well, the translation is much higher in IT. Every year, new computing languages are created. They might differ from the previous one by a comma, but they are created nonetheless. Should we adapt our conceptions of software quality to those new languages?

As software evolves, the need for quality is the same

When you think about PHP, it is often associated with small applications made by passionate developers for their personal use -- generally websites with low database usage and/or few visitors.

10 tips to speed up your PHP applications

When every product has the same features, the only way to make a difference in the jungle that is today’s software ecosystem is by having the one that performs best. Of course, in this article, by product, we mean application and its code. For .Net applications, this is truer than ever. Here are ten tips that can greatly improve the performance of your .Net application

10 tips that can improve the performance of .Net web applications