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Matthew Heusser - Consultant and Writer on Software Delivery and Testing
For the past several years, my personal focus has been on risk management.I help find, train, and grow communities of engaged software professionals.
Technical Assets

Eight years ago I organized the Workshop on Technical Debt at Calvin College, and I've stayed involved in the discussion since.

The concept, to me, seems simple, intuitive, and obvious: Technical short-cuts lead to a slight increase in value today at the expense of speed tomorrow.

Then Ron Jeffries, a co-author of the Agile Manifesto, got up to speak, along with his partner, Chet Hendrickson. Ron and Chet had served as part of the team that invented Extreme Programming in 1999.

What they had to say turned the workshop upside down.

Open Spaces at the Agile Conference

When I arrived at Agile 2013, I looked at the program and picked out sessions -- mostly about improving the front-end of development. In order to do this, I had to pass the lounge area, which had tables, chairs, couches, easels ... and lots and lots of white boards. This area was the “open jam”, a collaboration space where anyone could propose anything.

Two Decades of Technical Debt And What Do We Know?

It’s been over 20 years since Ward Cunningham introduced the debt metaphor with an experience report at OOPSLA, the conference for Object Oriented Programming. At the time, Cunningham was arguing that debt was a good idea -- you could get the software out faster by taking shortcuts, collect additional revenue, and come back later to pay it off.

Taming Software Complexity