Marco Bessi
Marco Bessi - Solution Design Manager and Innovation Specialist
Marco Bessi is a Solution Design Manager at CAST and is responsible for helping cllients discover and remediate software vulnerabilities. As an innovation specialist, Marco contributes to technology journals like IEEE and presents his research on data flow analysis, technical debt and software modernization across universities in Italy.

This blog is from CAST’s keynote speech at MeGSuS’16, 3rd International Workshop on Measurement and Metrics for Green and Sustainable Software. Download the presentation here.

Fueled by our growing thirst for constant connectivity and the dawn of the Internet of Things, the energy required to power all the world’s computers, data storage and communications networks is expected to double by 2020 according to the latest research by McKinsey & Company. This would increase the total impact of IT technology, in terms of global carbon emissions, by at least 3%.

Green Indexes Used in CAST to Measure Energy Consumption of Code