Marco Bessi - Senior Solution Delivery Consultant presso CAST
Marco Bessi is a Senior Solutions Delivery Consultant at CAST and he is responsible for the implementation of CAST technology with various commercial/government customers. With the re-engineering of their SDLC he introduces the source code quality and risks assessment and the action plan phase to define the list of mitigation of the vulnerabilities in their source code.

This blog is from CAST’s keynote speech at MeGSuS’16, 3rd International Workshop on Measurement and Metrics for Green and Sustainable Software. Download the presentation here.

Fueled by our growing thirst for constant connectivity and the dawn of the Internet of Things, the energy required to power all the world’s computers, data storage and communications networks is expected to double by 2020 according to the latest research by McKinsey & Company. This would increase the total impact of IT technology, in terms of global carbon emissions, by at least 3%.

Green Indexes Used in CAST to Measure Energy Consumption of Code