Marc Jones
Marc Jones - VP, North American Public Sector at CAST
CAST North American Public Sector business leader and (Volunteer) CISQ Public Sector Director (Consortium for IT Software Quality, Educating & enabling US Federal, State, Local, Canadian Government OCIO's and Program offices + PS focused System Integrator, Aerospace and Software Engineering organizations around

IT leaders from throughout the federal government discussed the value of how software measurement can positively impact their development process at CAST’s recent Cyber Risk Measurement Workshop in Arlington, VA – just outside of the Washington, D.C. area. The event brought together more than 40 IT leaders from several governmental agencies, including the Department of Defense and Department of State, system integrators and other related organizations. The group shared their experiences in how their respective organizations are driving value to end users and taxpayers.

IT Leaders Address the Value of Software Measurement & Government Mandates Impacting Development