Jayesh Golatkar
Jayesh Golatkar - Associate VP of Product Development at Deloitte India
Dynamic professional with right attitude and strong technical background. Passionate about Product development & conceiving new ideas. An Inspiring lead, effective communicator with excellent team building & interpersonal skills. Believes in leading by example. Successful in building & executing Product strategies. Proven ability to drive teams & product to success.

The future challenges for Software Quality assurance (SQA) follow a few software trends, including:

Emerging Trends and Software Quality Assurance

Whether you move from an on-premise platform to a mobile device or a virtual cloud environment, security has always been the biggest concern. It’s no more shocking to hear about big banks, financial institutes, and large organizations shutting down their business or coming to a standstill due to an unexpected system crash, a security breach, or a virus attack.

Security outages are observed on all platforms. And it is becoming more and more challenging to detect and prevent such malicious intruders from getting into our complex multi-tier systems.

6 Root Causes for Software Security Failures and How to Fix Them

When we start talking about cloud, several common questions come to mind:

Moving your application to the cloud: Getting ready!