Damien Choizit
Damien Choizit - Director of Engineering
Damien Choizit is a former Senior Solutions Engineer at CAST and current Director of Engineering at Group HN. He has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer and is dedicated to helping companies improve software quality.

On April 7, the IT industry was rocked when it was announced that over 60 percent of the Internet -- even secure SSL connections -- were vulnerable to attack due to a new weakness codenamed Heartbleed. The weakness lives in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library, which encrypts sessions between consumer devices and websites. It’s usually referred to as the “heartbeat” since it pings messages back and forth. Hence the name of the bug.

The Heartbleed bug: how 7 missing lines of code impacted over two thirds of the Internet

The media has been a firestorm of ‘glitchy’ reporting since the botched launch of the Obama Administration’s healthcare exchange marketplace, mainly because no one’s quite sure what did or didn’t happened.

If you missed it, the exchange’s Oct. 1st launch was mired with complaints, outages, and glitches. Many pundits and talking heads claimed that this was simply because of the enormous amount of Americans who were all trying to log into the brand new system. But we dived into the code to figure out what was actually going on, and what we found was much more nefarious.

Investigating What Went Wrong?