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Damien Charlemagne - Senior Product Manager, CAST
Damien Charlemagne is working as Consultant and then Product Manager for more than 12 years in the Software Intelligence market to helps developers, technical leaders and C-Level executives understand complex architecture software design. He is passionate about the constant evolution of IT systems at big companies and the challenge of keeping stakeholders stay at the heart of the management of these technologies.
  • The Evolving Role of CIOs in the Age of Digital Transformation

    The Evolving Role of CIOs in the Age of Digital Transformation
    Digital transformation is now a mandate, but it presents an opportunity for CIOs to reposition themselves at the heart of the business.
  • Using Code Quality Metrics to Improve Application Performance

    For years refactoring software has been a common process used to improve the quality, efficiency, and maintainability of an application. However, a recent article by IT World discusses how CIOs may not be getting a valuable return on their investment of time and effort into the refactoring process. While many believe refactoring reduces the risk of future headaches, new findings acquired through a study by Sri Lanka researchers suggests code quality is not improved significantly by refactoring.

  • New CAST AIP Release: Part 3 - The Design

    Good things come in three! I wouldn’t say we have saved the best for last, but the information we’re covering in this post is an exciting one! If you haven’t been following our series, I encourage you to read about what we have already announced is coming in AIP 7.1 -- the new delivery management tool and the Appmarq industry benchmarking repository. In this post, we wanted to give you an advance preview of a feature that will be made available towards the end of the year, with the next release of AIP. We’re talking about the design of our dashboard.

  • How to Build the Best Action Plan for your Application

    Applications are built on thousands, millions, maybe even tens of millions, lines of code. They are based on specific architecture gathering technologies, frameworks, and databases set up with their own specific architecture. If you have an action plan to improve your application on a specific issue, what will be your strategy?