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Sometime last year, Netflix began using  Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run their immensely successful video streaming business.  They moved their entire source of revenue to the cloud. They are now totally reliant on the performance of AWS.

Rumsfeld on Software – Handling Unknown Unknowns

While former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld never spoke or wrote about software (as far as I know), his quip about unknown unknowns during the early months of the Iraq war is well known.

No matter what you think of Rumsfeld, his classification applies nicely to software and teaches us a lesson or two about building good software.

Why Technical Debt Matters

Technical Debt. You've probably heard about it. You may have read about it. But should you be doing anything about it?

It all depends on how Technical Debt is defined. It could just be a scare or it could really sink you! Depending on how you define it, it may be very large, forcing you to pay attention.

Trends From the Gartner Vendor Summit 2010

I've been surfing the booths at the Gartner Outsourcing & Vendor Management Summit in sunny, gorgeous Orlando (check out some pictures on Twitter).

To mark the event, CAST is giving away an iPad. To enter the drawing, take our sourcing survey.

Agile Practices Webinar – September 28th

On September 28th we have Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO  of ThoughtWorks and Dr. Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist at CAST as panelists on a webinar on Agile practices.

What Coca-Cola Measures to Deliver Software Faster, Better, Cheaper

On August 4, 2010 CAST hosted an IT executive luncheon, bringing together leading Atlanta-area companies. Leading the discussion was The Coca-Cola Company, elaborating on how they measure quality and the velocity of change in their code base and use these metrics to deliver faster, at higher quality and lower cost.

IBM Innovate2010 Software Quality Survey - We Have a Winner!

Carol Poulsen,  Senior Vice President, Group Architecture, Innovation and Solution Delivery Services, Royal Bank of Canada. Thanks for participating Carol!

Win An iPad At Innovate 2010

For the third year in a row, CAST is pleased to be featured as a key IBM business partner at IBM Innovate 2010. Come visit us in pedestal “L” in the partner pavilion to see Rational and CAST AIP in action!

What Makes ERP Solutions Different?

I heard from an old friend, Shyam Nadig,  who had a question about the previous post -- in particular, how the CAST for ERP solutions compare with products like SAP's Solution Manager.

A Demo of CAST

I recently sat down with Fritz Nelson of InformationWeek and walked him through a demo of CAST.

Software for Increasing IT Productivity

Speaking of software productivity, Peter Cohan of AOL's Daily Finance recently wrote about how automated software quality measurement improves IT productivity and in turn, business productivity.

Read it here.

Be Like Usain Bolt – Measure Output

In a recent post I wrote about the craziness of just measuring the things you do to build something, without ever measuring the quality of the thing you build.

Don’t Give Up on Software Metrics!

Is software management obsolete? Yes, according to Tim Berry, President and Founder of Palo Alto Software.

Cloud Computing – Why Now?

The financial markets have their secular cycles. Technology has its S-curves of adoption. Problem is, it's impossible to tell when that S goes from under-performing little bottom coil to the roaring top of the lucrative cobra head. If you're baffled, have a look at these S curves and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya?

Clint Eastwood said it and Pete Peterson's life story is apparently filled with it, but can luck be quantified?