Aditya Kumar Singh
Aditya Kumar Singh - Marketing Manager at CAST Software Ltd
Experienced Worldwide Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Market Research, Sales Enablement, Product Marketing, Content Management, and Field Marketing. Recognized marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication focused in Mass Communication.
Software Quality and Developer Productivity: Together Improve Efficiency

Software Quality and Developer Productivity took center stage last week during a software development and productivity event hosted by Leda and CAST.  Findings from two studies showed that application benchmarking is essential to measure software quality and development team productivity.
Merino, CAST’s Solutions Designer explained that, “It is necessary to understand the state of applications, and to base your strategy on that data. In addition, measurement, to be effective, accurate and accepted by others, must be based on standards.” Merino further explained how software measurement and analysis has different objectives, the primary purpose is to make better decisions based on real data; decision that help increase revenues or reduce costs.