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CAST is the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence, providing insight into the structural condition of software assets. CAST technology is renowned as the most accurate “MRI for Software”, which delivers actionable insights into software composition, architectures, database structures, critical flaws, quality grades, cloud readiness levels and work effort metrics. It is used globally by thousands of forward-looking digital leaders to make objective decisions, accelerate modernization and raise the security and resiliency of mission critical software.

CAST Drives Record Year of Software Intelligence Innovation

New York – Dec. 19, 2018

CAST, the leader in Software Intelligence, today announced a record year in product innovation. CAST brought to market several key innovations in the past 12 months, adding open source and IP risk detection capabilities in CAST Highlight and launching CAST Imaging, the most advanced and precise imaging technology for software, to automate the discovery and understanding of the most complex software systems.

CAST now brings to market a more comprehensive offering for Application Security, combining the power of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) for fewer false positives and more expansive coverage of the most critical security violations. In addition, users can now automate software risk and architecture compliance assessments as a part of their Microservices and DevOps toolchains.

“IT organizations must migrate to the cloud and re-think software systems for greater agility, improved security and data integrity,” said Vincent Delaroche, Chairman and CEO, CAST. “All of this is driving the adoption of CAST’s Software Intelligence as business and IT leaders look for more accuracy, visibility and control over compliance, security and modernization risk. CAST has massively invested in these areas, and our customers are gaining competitive advantage as a result.”

In 2018, CAST closed significant deals with some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the banking, insurance and energy sectors, in addition to the U.S. Department of Defense. The company also expanded its relationship with The Boston Consulting Group, in addition to nine of the 10 top systems integrators, further expanding the reach of Software Intelligence.

CAST customers have been quoted saying:

  • “Incorporating Software Intelligence from CAST as a part of our engagements has enabled BCG to provide actionable insights to help our clients leverage technology in a more agile and effective way.” – Rishi Varma, Partner, The Boston Consulting Group.
  • “As the world of application security becomes increasingly complex, we rely on Software Intelligence from CAST to automate the detection of critical violations and report compliance against standards like GDPR and ISO 27001.” – Rosa Ortuño, Director of Security and Compliance, Optimum TIC.
  • “Software Intelligence from CAST plays an important role in our security and compliance reporting. As we continue to meet regulatory standards to work with state governments and begin engaging federal clients, CAST helps us automate compliance scans and direct our teams toward any potential vulnerabilities before they are released.” – Justin Noelle, Director of Product Development, Knowledge Services.
  • “Software Intelligence is a major asset for post-merger integration activities because it helps teams quickly understand the cost of remediation. Further, as new features are added to older applications, CAST helps teams discern how to execute modernization plans without introducing risk or causing service disruption.” – Mark Uhrmacher, SVP of Technology, Hearst Business Media.

About CAST

CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, with unique technology backed by $150 million in software analysis and measurement R&D. CAST technology helps digital leaders and doers see the truth, become software geniuses and deliver super software - resilient, responsive, safe and secure software. Hundreds of companies rely on CAST to improve end-user satisfaction and time-to-market, prevent business disruption and reduce cost. Founded in 1990, CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India and China. For more information, visit.

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Learn how federal agencies are using Software Analysis & Measurement solutions to reduce risks of critical systems, maximize IT program and system integrator performance. CAST Federal Solutions provides technology and services in the following areas:

IT Vendor Transparency

Federal IT Programs are challenged to provide unambiguous guidance to  system integrator partners as to the specific standards by which the delivered application products will be assessed.  Software analysis and measurement based on CISQ standards promotes common understanding for government and providers as to ongoing delivery reliability, security and quality of the systems.  This results in 50% lower likelihood of testing or deployment defects while reducing production risks and cost of rework.  
For examples of contracts, and SLA’s, please contact the CAST Federal Practice:

Vulnerabilities in software that are introduced by mistake or poor practices are a serious problem today".  - Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization, the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee.

Software Assurance

Software that is designed with solid architectural design emphasizing reliability and resiliency is more difficult to penetrate. Poor design provides vulnerabilities that are infected and which are often replicated and propagated within a complex system. Performing late stage security audits and building firewalls is not enough—security must be designed and built into an application and then rigorously verified – multiple times within each and every release. CAST’s Software Assurance solution provides a systematic set of evaluations to support  conformance to requirements and standards around:

  • Trustworthiness - No exploitable vulnerabilities exist, either of malicious or unintentional origin
  • Predictable Execution - Justifiable confidence that software, when executed, functions as intended.
  • Reliability & Performance - Security is ultimately a component of overall quality risk. Applications that are slow or unstable are more easily breached. This is recognized by ISO, CISQ, and CWE.

Software Code Quality Checking (SCQC)

SCQC is an automated analysis of source code to ensure that the system should continue within development, demonstration, and test.  SCQC helps ensure that the application in development or sustainment can meet the stated performance, maintainability, and usability requirements within cost (program budget), schedule (program schedule), risk, and other system constraints. SCQC complements Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) and Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) by identifying defects earlier in the system development lifecycle (SDLC).


Effective benchmarking enables an organization to easily identify and prioritize opportunities—by process, vendor and cost driver—which, in turn, results in relevant improvement targets and stronger overall business case for the transformation effort.  CAST introduced the industry’s first software quality benchmarking capability in 2010. The service, (Appmarq,) gathers data from CAST analyses performed across global industry and public sector IT organizations and provides normalized data for CAST clients in support of external benchmarking. This work is being done at the program and enterprise levels in a number of organizations in industry and government.

Measuring IT Productivity

One of the most vexing problems in software engineering – in Industry or Federal sectors - is measuring the amount of progress made in developing or sustaining a software product.  The largest opportunity for improving quality and productivity during application development is in eliminating its largest sources of waste: defects and the rework they cause, 30-50% of the development effort is devoted to rework.   
CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is a powerful IT operational management platform that gives OCIO and Program executives the visibility and control to improve business productivity to reduce IT costs. CAST has the ability to quantify quality and progress, rather than just time spent. 

IT Portfolio Analysis

The stove-piped and complex nature of the Federal enterprise has led to a proliferation of duplicate and low priority investments in information technology.  In short, agencies’ portfolios have become cluttered with obsolete systems that no longer deliver full value to the citizen.  Fact-based approach to IT planning and budgeting, improves efficiency in the governance of application portfolio rationalization efforts, leading to optimized allocation of funding and resources. Align application investment decisions more effectively with organizational strategies and priorities through an effective dialogue between program managers and IT.

a failure to satisfy a non-functional requirement can be critical, even catastrophic…non-functional requirements are sometimes difficult to verify. We cannot write a test case to verify a system’s reliability… The ability to associate code to non-functional properties can be a powerful weapon in a software engineer’s arsenal.

Spinellis D. Code Quality

Federal Partnerships

CAST has successfully teamed with Boeing, CSC, Northrop Grumman, Accenture, Keane, Ingenium, Booz Allen, Lockheed, Raytheon & Sybase Corporation

Contract Vehicle

GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0649S)

CAST Section 508 Statement of Policy

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