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CAST is the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence, providing accurate insight into the structural condition of software assets. CAST technology is renowned as the most advanced “MRI for Software”, the result of $200M of R&D. It is used to analyze entire software portfolios at lightning speed or run deep, fine-grained analysis of any custom build software structure, and produce actionable insights into software composition, architectures, database structures, critical flaws, quality grades, cloud readiness levels and work efforts metrics.

Top management consulting firms, all advanced global system integrators and thousands of forward-looking digital leaders rely on CAST to make objective decisions, accelerate modernization, and raise the security and resiliency of mission critical software. CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India, China. Visit

How Software Intelligence Supports Safe and Secure Air Travel


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    Delta Capita

    Delta Capita Group (a member of the Prytek Group) is a global consulting, solutions and managed services provider. Delta Capita has a unique combination of experience in Financial Services and technology innovation capability. Headquartered in London with offices around the world, we work with the world’s top financial institutions to help them comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models and leverage leading fintechs. Prytek, a multinational corporation headquartered in Singapore, focuses on technology investments and operations-as-a-service companies, with a $300m diverse portfolio across fintech, edutech, artificial intelligence, cyber security and human resources. Delta Capita is the financial services arm of Prytek, bringing a range of innovation and technology to its clients.
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    Enablement tech's core offering is to enable your company to achieve the required business benefits from IT services,  ensure compliance, and mitigate cyber risks. empowers IT teams by delivering expertise informed by a depth of ‘coalface’ experience – delivering support to team members, communicating effectively with executive sponsors, resolving issues, breaking down silos, and making the challenging work. We deliver expertise that will enable the right IT and business outcomes to be safely and effectively delivered. We empower, educate, and mentor your internal teams, creating not dependence on us, but independence, capability, and team confidence.
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    Junkshon was founded in 2017 with the goal to build the industry’s best software / SaaS solution for the facilitation of enterprise cloud and DC migration at scale and pace. The company’s workload mobility analytics platform incorporates decades of enterprise experience from a team that has designed, built and run some of the industry’s largest and most complex cloud and DC migrations.  Services cover Strategy, Application Insights, Migration Planning and Migration Execution. A growing list of enterprises, cloud providers and migration service providers use junkshon to radically transform the end-to-end cloud migration.
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    Level 8

    LEVEL8 Solutions is a specialist UNIT4 Financials consultancy (formerly CODA Financials) and thanks to our experience we can describe ourselves as "CODA through and through". Our business has grown to also deliver and support  leading business software solutions from the likes of Exact and FinancialForce. LEVEL8 Software is our software development arm and delivers robust bespoke software solutions for UNIT4 Financials. Within two years LEVEL8 Software became the go-to Bespoke Software Developer for Unit4 Financials. We are ISO27001 certified and work on major bespoke projects for Unit4 and their clients.
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    Ntrinsiq provides solutions and services that support the delivery of our clients strategic and operational initiatives through insight into these objectives , the ability to forecast effort cost and duration and resourcing requirements and provide mechanisms to manage, track and improve delivery success. 
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    Post Shift

    Post Shift is a specialist consulting and software firm focussed on helping the world’s best companies become more agile and preparing their leadership teams for the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. We have deep experience across all key areas of modern, digital operations in both startups and large organisations. We work as catalysts and enablers of transformation, acting as a force multiplier to the talent and resources that already exist inside your organisation.
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    Source Code Control

    Founded in 2014 by Martin Callinan, Source Code Control has established itself as one of the only Open Source and Cloud Transformation consultancy businesses. We help organisations who have software at the core of their company value, build trust in software supply chains and simplify the cloud transformation process. With this in mind, our main aim is to minimise an organisations risk when dealing with open source and cloud software.

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Press Release

CAST Introduces CIO Dashboard for On-the-Go Application Risk Detox

Customizable dashboard gives IT executives unprecedented insight into the strength and security of their core applications


New York, NY—March 4, 2014—With so many high profile IT outages dominating the news this year, CIOs world-wide are finding they need to have better insight into the code quality and software architecture of their critical IT applications. Yet with demanding project deadlines and increasingly complex custom software systems, rigorous checking of toxic Technical Debt -- the sort which causes outages and slows down projects -- can fall dangerously low on their to-do lists.

For many CIOs, current software analysis processes make it difficult to find answers to simple business questions about the evolving state of their important software systems -- e.g., which applications are the most vulnerable, which vendors are delivering as promised, and how can we speed time-to-market for new products.

That changes today, with the introduction of a customizable application analytics dashboard for IT executives to monitor their key applications’ performance, security, changeability, and robustness from anywhere in real time. Once set up, the newly-released version of CAST’s flagship product, Application Intelligence Platform 7.2 (AIP) dramatically shortens reviews of critical application risk factors -- which can typically take up days per quarter.

“Finding meaningful insight into structural risks hidden in the multiple layers of complex application architectures is a significant challenge for IT managers,” said Melinda Ballou, Program Director of ALM at IDC. “This capability is notoriously hard to obtain and will become increasingly important as a way to manage software risk for the enterprise.”

CAST’s new AIP release features a dashboard inspired by Windows 8 live-tile, the first of its kind to give CIOs simple, objective, and actionable insight into their critical systems -- insight that drives out risks, improves productivity, and elevates quality. Now CIOs can quickly and easily see top-level analytics of their applications at a glance to aid them in making important business decisions for their organization. And with a new and improved Report Generator, IT professionals can automate fully customizable reports for both Word and PowerPoint.

“With the new level of visibility offered by AIP 7.2, IT executives no longer have plausible deniability to software risk in their core systems,” said Olivier Bonsignour, EVP of Product Development at CAST. “Management and developers can focus on value rather than waste time on needless rework, patches and disasters. Customers have told us they’ve been able to reduce their incident volumes by as much as 54% in critical applications.”

There’s a flurry of improvements under-the-hood of AIP 7.2, which will allow for faster analysis of larger applications while improving the precision and categorization of results. Other updates in AIP 7.2 include:

  • Wide range of integrations possible through new REST API
  • Simplified application management, delivery workflow and improved architecture checker
  • Expanded technology support (Java 7, JSF, Oracle Forms)


About CAST

CAST is a pioneer and world leader in software analysis and measurement, with unique technology resulting from more than $100 million in R&D investment. CAST introduces fact-based transparency into application development and sourcing to transform it into a management discipline. More than 250 companies across all industry sectors and geographies rely on CAST to prevent business disruption while reducing hard IT costs and software risk. CAST is an integral part of software delivery and maintenance at the world's leading IT service providers. Founded in 1990, CAST is listed on NYSE-Euronext (Euronext: CAS) and serves IT intensive enterprises worldwide with offices in North America, Europe and India.


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