World authority on Software Analysis embraces Objective C

CAST Highlight now supports Apple standard Objective C as iPhones and iPads continue to impact enterprise developers

NEW YORK, August 1, 2013CAST (Euronext:CAS), the leader in software analysis and measurement, today announced iOS applications built with Objective C are now supported by CAST Highlight, its code-quality-as-a-service platform. With iOS the leading platform in application downloads revenue, CAST has added Objective C support to enable enterprises to manage the risk related to these applications within their portfolios.

As employees increasingly use iPads, iPhones, and Mac OS X functionality in their day-to-day work routine, both at the office and at home, development teams are becoming increasingly focused on building mobile applications for iOS. This increased use of iOS applications at the enterprise level means companies are potentially putting their corporate data at risk by exposing it to hurriedly developed, poor quality code.

Pete Pizzutillo, Worldwide Director of Product Marketing, CAST comments, “The use of iOS applications affect both application developers and enterprise IT leaders. Our ability to scan Objective C through CAST Highlight will not only allow development teams to provide more consistently reliable iOS applications, but will also provide insight for IT leaders into the client and server side of the Objective C-powered applications. They will be able to proactively identify where vulnerabilities lie across their entire portfolio.”

CAST Highlight helps CIOs understand the current state of their entire IT portfolio at a glance, through a meaningful inventory of code quality high-level analytics for each application. CIOs can then compare those applications against industry benchmarks that have been developed by CAST over the past 20 years, culled from thousands of applications analyzed. Crucial portfolio statistics and risk indicators are displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard, giving CIOs the facts they need to create a cost-effective development strategy and identify which applications should be given priority. Additional dashboards show the top ten riskiest applications in the portfolio and the technical debt of each, arming IT leaders with metrics to help them understand how their teams are performing, and whether or not they are providing quality code or hiding risk.

CAST Highlight analyzes a variety of coding languages, and with this new functionality, CIOs can now manage and evaluate their outward-facing iOS applications using Highlight the same way they would with any other supported language (ABAP, C, C++, Java, VB, VB6, .NET, C#, COBOL, PHP, PL/SQL, TSQL & PL1 code.).

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