Gartner and CAST Release Research Paper on Monetizing Technical Debt

Research Paper Reveals a Data-Driven Approach to Balance Delivery Agility with Business Risk Featuring Exclusive Research by Gartner VP and Fellow, Andy Kyte

March 25, 2011, New York, NY- CAST, Inc., a world leader in software analysis and measurement, today announced the release of a research paper featuring research from Gartner entitled "How to Monetize Application Technical Debt: A Data-Driven Approach to Balance Delivery Agility with Business Risk." The research paper helps define Technical Debt and calculates a dollar value of the debt for a typical application based on Appmarq, CAST’s unique global database of application structural quality.

"Gartner’s Andy Kyte has made it very clear that no matter how you define Technical Debt, it’s a growing problem that places a tremendous drag on delivering faster, better, cheaper" said Jitendra Subramanyam, Director, CAST Research Labs. "CAST defines Technical Debt as the cost of fixing the structural quality problems in an application that, if left unchanged, are highly likely to cause major business disruption. This research illustrates how to set and monitor the right quality threshold for balancing delivery agility against the risk of business disruption."

The paper includes the research report, "Measure and Manage Your IT Debt," by Andy Kyte, who explains the systemic risk in the application portfolio caused by the accumulation of Technical Debt over the last decade. Kyte estimates that an average Fortune 2000 company has an average IT debt of more than $200 million – adding up to a whopping $500 billion of Technical Debt worldwide even on a conservative estimate.

To read the full research paper, including excerpts from "Measure and Manage Your IT Debt," download the Gartner-CAST research paper here.

Additional details on the data and calculations are presented in the CAST Worldwide Application Software Study – 2010.

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