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Av. de Messidorlaan 330 1180 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 646 65 11
Fax: +32 2 646 51 41

CAST is the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence, providing accurate insight into the structural condition of software assets. CAST technology is renowned as the most advanced “MRI for Software”, the result of $200M of R&D. It is used to analyze entire software portfolios at lightning speed or run deep, fine-grained analysis of any custom build software structure, and produce actionable insights into software composition, architectures, database structures, critical flaws, quality grades, cloud readiness levels and work efforts metrics.

Top management consulting firms, all advanced global system integrators and thousands of forward-looking digital leaders rely on CAST to make objective decisions, accelerate modernization, and raise the security and resiliency of mission critical software. CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India, China. Visit

Software Intelligence for Smart Decision Making at NCOI


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Alexandre Charlet

Alexandre Charlet

General Manager,
Northern Europe

+33 626762312

Marcel de Keizer

Marcel de Keizer

Business Development Manager,
Northern Europe

+31 623281747

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