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CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, with unique technology backed by $150 million in software analysis and measurement R&D. CAST technology helps digital leaders and doers see the truth, become software geniuses and deliver super software - resilient, responsive, safe and secure software. Hundreds of companies rely on CAST to improve end-user satisfaction and time-to-market, prevent business disruption and reduce cost. Founded in 1990, CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India and China.

We at Cast, as a part of CSR activity , tried to our bit by raising funds for charity by organizing a cook-off event at our Bangalore office.

We all are already aware of the recent floor situations around the recognition of Karnataka and resultant havoc . One of the major affected are the schools which are either drowned completely or damaged to the level of uninhabitable.

As part of the effort to revamp the lives of young kids who lost access to the basics including schools, we the team , joined our hands with an NGO called Baalya Foundation ( and helped the kids with Schools kits.

These kits were distributed the on 5th of October,2019 at Govt Primary & High school ,Gokak – Karnataka.

Here's from us all a helping hand to make their lives a little better and wishing them all the goodness and the best of the future!