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2nd and 3rd Floor, “Obeya Pulse”
No.7/1, Ulsoor Road,
Bangalore - 560042, INDIA
Tel: +91 (80) 49 13 25 25
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CAST is the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence, providing insight into the structural condition of software assets. CAST technology is renowned as the most accurate “MRI for Software”, which delivers actionable insights into software composition, architectures, database structures, critical flaws, quality grades, cloud readiness levels and work effort metrics. It is used globally by thousands of forward-looking digital leaders to make objective decisions, accelerate modernization and raise the security and resiliency of mission critical software.

Doing our bit!

CAST joined hands with Manyata Rotary to help the frontline warriors

COVID-19 has been considered a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO)The contagious disease tremendously disrupted socio-economic circumstances of the planet

  • Smallest acts of care can make a difference
  • CAST joined hands with Manyata Rotary to help the frontline warriors - Nurses, Auto Drivers, ambulance drivers the local municipal corporation workers, Asha Karyakarthas who are relentlessly working to fight the war Against covid
  • Food Kit distribution - Support over 150 families
  • And we and the generations to come can never say that we have thanked them enough
  • We are forever in debt to every essential worker and healthcare hero on the front lines of this pandemic, and grateful for every helper supporting them
  • We thank them for every late night, every extra shift. Every missed dinner at home. We thank them not only for the sacrifice they continue to make for us all, but the sacrifices their families and loved ones are making in kind
  • We thank them for showing up every day and night, all in service of saving lives and helping others