CAST in the US

CAST is the pioneer and leader of Application Intelligence. CAST Application Intelligence Platform empowers Application Development (AD) organizations by delivering to all in IT invaluable information about software applications automatically extracted from source code. With CAST, IT Managers receive high-level unbiased metrics to improve decisions about applications and teams. Development teams share and better understand detailed technical information about applications' structure to improve productivity, quality and predictability. Finally, software quality engineers gain action-oriented quality rules compliance reports and indexes to control and enforce code & architecture quality. CAST drastically improves AD activities such as software maintenance, outsourcer control, software quality management or application integration and modernization to name a few.

CAST is listed on Compartment C - Eurolist by Euronext Paris. To date, CAST has invested over $65M in R&D. Created in 1990, CAST serves Fortune 500 customers with a network of 11 fully-staffed offices in the US and Europe. CAST is a recognized leader by all major IT analysts.

Join this webinar and leverage the results to prioritize your portfolio, estimate scope and effort, manage the transformation process and more. Learn how to customize these rules and metrics to govern cloud deployment decisions, for integration into a differentiated value proposition, or as inputs to a cognitive engine. Explore how a Cloud Assessment uses industry-proven metrics to ensure robust and secure applications.

Prevention of a troubled project is the approach with the lowest total cost of ownership. A starting point in creating a community consensus is by identifying a small set of underlying principles that can unify and enable our strategies and approaches moving into the future. Underlying those principles are a suite of best practices that could be applied within and across Texas state agencies.

The Texas IT Forum brings together state legislative representatives, state agency and public sector CIOs/CTOs/IRMs, members of other key state agency organizations that monitor such projects, industry IT and software development professionals and other subject matter experts. The breakout sessions will explore potential solution areas (e.g. IT procurement, early interventions, performance measurement, software development best practices, etc.). The event is complemented by social opportunities, providing further venues for discussion and networking.

The Cyber Resilience Summit focuses on standards and best practices for measuring risk and quality in IT-intensive programs from the standpoint of productivity, software assurance, overall quality and system/mission risk. Discussions will expose proven methods and tools of incorporating such standard metrics into the IT software development, sustainment and acquisition processes.

Attend the 2017 Software Risk Summit to hear from speakers disrupting their industry - and their organizations - to innovate within modern compliance guidelines. Stay tuned for the announcement of our keynote presenter - you won't want to miss!