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CAST is the pioneer and leader of Application Intelligence. CAST Application Intelligence Platform empowers Application Development (AD) organizations by delivering to all in IT invaluable information about software applications automatically extracted from source code. With CAST, IT Managers receive high-level unbiased metrics to improve decisions about applications and teams. Development teams share and better understand detailed technical information about applications' structure to improve productivity, quality and predictability. Finally, software quality engineers gain action-oriented quality rules compliance reports and indexes to control and enforce code & architecture quality. CAST drastically improves AD activities such as software maintenance, outsourcer control, software quality management or application integration and modernization to name a few.

CAST is listed on Compartment C - Eurolist by Euronext Paris. To date, CAST has invested over $65M in R&D. Created in 1990, CAST serves Fortune 500 customers with a network of 11 fully-staffed offices in the US and Europe. CAST is a recognized leader by all major IT analysts.

Next Events
CAST User Group - Software Analytics in Action: Confronting IT Costs & Risk
Thursday, October 16, 2014
New York, New York - United States

The recent increase in the number of IT glitches and security failures has brought software quality to the forefront of business concerns. The new level of software risk is directly correlated to the complexity of our systems and the speed at which we are asked to enhance them.

Join CAST on Thursday, October 16th for a seminar on operationalizing software analytics to confront the growing IT risk in a controlled and cost-effective manner.

The seminar includes topical breakout sessions, training, and a general session that will feature Dr. Bill Curtis, Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality,  Melinda Ballou, Program Director of IDC, and the head of product development from CAST to explain the state of the art in IT software analytics technology.

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CAST New Product Launch Party NYC
Seminar | Thursday, October 16, 2014
New York, New York - United States


Join us for the New Product Launch Party in New York City!  

Let’s celebrate IT visibility and the utilization of analytics to confront IT Risk and Cost. Join CAST and like-minded IT executives on Thursday, October 16th as we will be discussing growing trends in IT and software measurement.

During the party, we will demonstrate how CAST can help drive out IT risks by creating visibility into system weaknesses, by measuring the software product to gain control of weaknesses that erode stability, prevent reuse, and slow down delivery cycles.

Most importantly, come enjoy an evening of networking, cocktails and fun with a group of CIO’s and IT executives!