Manage ERP Customization Risk

CAST AIP addresses the growing need for consistent measurement of enterprise resource planning (SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft) platforms, to eliminate costly customization errors or failures. CAST analyzes the system architecture and custom code providing architectural blueprints and the identification performance and stability vulnerabilities. ERP implementations with a lot of custom code or integrations with web and legacy components are notorious for performance and stability issues. CAST gives IT organizations and systems integrators a detailed, practical road map for sequencing their development, maintenance, and upgrade tasks.

  • Find and fix the root causes of erratic performance quickly
  • Control rising maintenance & enhancement costs
  • Execute upgrades and patches reliably
  • Manage development schedules and quality of deliverables

Why is CAST AIP Unique?

CAST AIP adds distinct value in the following ways:

  • CAST analyzes all SAP-related technologies within the system such as SQL calls to an Oracle RDBMS which often critical to the performance and stability of ERP systems in the production environment.
  • CAST measures the product itself, not the process by which it is customized. Specifically, we accurately quantify the quality and size of customization done by internal or outsourced teams.
  • CAST vulnerabilities that cannot be detected in functional and non-functional testing. These are problems that have to do with the structural quality – the way in which the system is architecturally put together.

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