Improve application development quality and velocity

CAST Software Analytics helps IT leader improve development quality and velocity to drive efficiency and transformation. CAST precisely measures the quantity and quality of ADM output, enabling improvement and visibility between teams and suppliers.

Software analytics is the intelligent use of insight into the state of the applications that run your business to improve your IT decision making, operational performance and customer outcomes.

This insight is generated by analyzing the software artifacts managed by application development teams or vendors.

High-performing IT leaders have discovered that analyzing software leads to many benefits, including:

  • Objective visibility into application development output
  • A rational basis for ADM improvements decisions
  • Accountability based on real data not subjective judgments
  • The identification of ADM best practices
  • Improved IT spending decisions
  • Comparison of ADM performance over time or against outside organizations
  • Prediction of future ADM behavior based on historical performance

Regular CAST scans in an agile environment deliver reduced non-functional defects

Software Analytics helps leaders:

  • Establish objective baseline of ADM productivity and quality
  • Drive desired management and team behavior
  • Optimize resource allocation and utilization
  • Improve development team behavior
  • Reduce rework and waste
  • Onboard new comers twice as fast
  • Faster time to market

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