See the Truth

Powerful insight into software assets and software delivery

For business and IT executives, software systems are complex and obscure. Fact based, accurate and meaningful insights to support decisions, drive transformation and communicate with business, teams and partners has become vital.

CAST’s X-ray vision into software gives you accurate insight about software security, resilience, efficiency, cloud readiness, technical debt, and team productivity, to drive business results, save money, and protect the business.

  • Save money: Cloud readiness and migration, portfolio rationalization, MIPS reduction, scorecarding and benchmarking of sourcing partners, pre - and post - M&A audits.
  • Keeping business safe: Application security, data safety and cyber resiliency audits.
  • Good software is good business: Continuous improvement, modernization, software quality and development team productivity measurement programs.

It improves our relationship with the business partner and increases customer experience dramatically.

Peter DeBoel


Efficiency, effectiveness and the minimization of risks in software environments is high on every CIO’s agenda. Partnering with CAST brings enhanced technical depth to BCG.

Ralf Dreischmeier


We measure software quality at a structural level to make the right tradeoffs between delivery speed, business risk, and technical debt.

Thaddeus Arroyo