What is included in this SAP Benchmark Report:

  • Analysis of SAP robustness, performance, security, changeability, and transferability
  • Based on 78 ABAP applications, over 48 MLOC
  • Industry sector analysis by: Manufacturing, Government, Retail, and others.

Findings from the study include:

  • The rules most consistently violated by ABAP developers affect performance or maintainability of SAP applications.
  • SAP violations affect system reliability and could result in unexpected behaviors.
  • The large number of ABAP customizations outsourced and managed by the business rather than IT may contribute to the issues observed.
Thomas Justin

“CAST’s report correctly emphasizes that the value of SAP implementations can easily be limited by customized applications that are poorly written by well-meaning developers.”

                  Thomas Justin,
        ASUG NJ Chapter Chairman


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Bill Curtis

About CAST Research Labs:

CAST Research Labs (CRL) furthers the empirical study of software implementation in business technology. We provide practical advice and annual benchmarks to the global application development community, as well as interacting with the academic community. Through scientific analysis of large software applications, we focus on providing insights that can improve application structural quality: Technical Debt Estimation, Productivity Measurement, Code Quality Management, System-Level Analysis.

CRL is lead by Dr. Bill Curtis is an industry luminary who is responsible for influencing CAST’s scientific and strategic direction, as well as helping CAST educate the IT market to the importance of managing and measuring the quality of its software. He is best known for leading development of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which has become the global standard for evaluating the capability of software development organizations. Bill has a passion for software analysis and measurement because, after improving development process, it is the next wave of software engineering improvement.