OnDemand_CloudReadyness_121316 During this webinar you'll leverage the results to prioritize your portfolio, estimate scope and effort, manage the transformation process and more. Learn how to customize these rules and metrics to govern cloud deployment decisions, for integration into a differentiated value proposition, or as inputs to a cognitive engine. Explore how a Cloud Assessment uses industry-proven metrics to ensure robust and secure applications.

OnDemand_DCG-CAST_102516 During this webinar Philippe Guerin from CAST and Mike Harris from DCG Software Value explored best practices in software sizing and measurement. They examined how effective quality benchmarking and productivity measurement translates into successful transformation initiatives that cost less and de-risk your IT organization. Attendees benefit from broadened knowledge around successful deployment processes, including how portfolio visibility can help manage risk, complexity and architectural quality.


OnDemand_Vignette_Creating_ScorecardIn this 30-minute webinar we explored how to use metrics to support vendor managers, sourcing and procurement professionals by improving governance through objective measurement of vendor output. Leverage the best value from IT vendors by taking a data driven approach and make better decisions about vendor management and improve overall business outcomes.

Casewise Webinar - June 2016Digital Transformation has accelerated the need for speed, agility and quality to improve customer engagement. In today's world, IT Programs and Projects bring complexity and evolve at a fast-pace. The lack of visibility contributes to the failure of large enterprise applications.
Partnered by Highlight & Casewise, discover insights and best practices to build an agile ecosystem and solve the pains of bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

OnDemand_IBM_060716During this webinar IBM will explain on how "Getting to a Performance-Driven Client/Vendor Relationships". Frederic Schmitt, Director at IBM will share one client’s journey towards improved performance-based relationship with practical insights into an implementation of a measurement system that demonstrates productivity and efficient improvements during an IT transformation initiative.

OnDemand_Bizzdesign_060116In this webinar you'll get an inside look into a new, innovative and more efficient Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution, partnered by BiZZdesign and CAST to create an integrated application portfolio model, enabling IT managers and enterprise architects to obtain a clear view of their application portfolio. CIOs and IT managers will gain a fact-based and proactive view of the business value, risk, complexity and cost of their application portfolios - aiding in better business decisions when consolidating or transforming the IT landscape.

BCG Webinar to de-risk the due diligence process and post-merger strategyTechnology continues to be an key asset that principally factors into the overall value and success of a merger. However, in a data driven world, many organizations still rely on basic due diligence and post-merger planning to mitigate the risk of the transaction. In this webinar Rishi Varma, Principal in Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) technology practice and M&A expert, and Lev Lesokhin, CAST EVP of Software Analytics, shared perspectives on how to understand the structural risk of software assets. They will define how to use an analytic-based approach on an organization’s application portfolio, or on a critical software asset, to de-risk the due diligence process and post-merger strategy.

Cast Highlight APM WebinarIn this webinar you'll learn how incorporating Application Portfolio Analysis into your PPM and Application Portfolio Management (APM) processes enables a new level of visibility, providing the ability to measure and monitor the quality of an application during the project lifecycle. Deliver expectations by seamlessly integrating objective metrics into your current processes, introduce code-level analysis to better manage your application portfolio and increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of PPM and APM strategies.

OnDemand Vignettes Forrester APAIn this webinar, Margo Visitacion, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discussed how to upgrade your strategic planning and portfolio management to gain control over your digital business assets

OnDemand_Vignettes_TechMIn this webinar, Tech Mahindra (TechM) shared one client’s journey to disrupt its current belief about “industry standard development practices” resulting in a level of agility, efficiency and reliability they never thought possible.

OnDemand_Vignettes_ISGIn this presentation, Bob Krohn of ISG shares how incorporating analytics and metrics can improve service provider relationships and business outcomes.

Gartner Webinar on Digital TransformationDuring the webinar, Mr. Kyte, detailed the several barriers to transformation due to excessive complexity within application portfolios and the challenges in improving application health to reverse the situation

OnDemand_Vignettes_Solvay During the webinar, Mr. Naylor illustrated how gaining visibility into critical SAP systems has helped maintain uninterrupted services and reduced development costs. Mr. Naylor shared how software analysis and measurement provides insight into legacy systems, identifies unknown security issues, and reveals hidden complexities

Forrester Webinar
Webinar with Marc Cecere, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst to discuss IT Transformation.

The objective is to clarify what transformation means, to connect the forces that drive change and to highlight the technological conditions that prevent or impede that transformation.  We see the following obstacles: complexity of IT landscape, development inefficiencies or immaturity, cultural focus on containing cost versus attacking cost drivers. 

coca-cola Webcast
In this 30 minute webinar, Mr. Furniss from Coca-Cola demonstrate how system level analysis improves dialog with application service providers, finds legacy SAP code vulnerabilities, and reduces system performance and stability issues.

BCG WebinarDuring the webinar Andrew Agerbak, Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group presented how their clients look to software analytics to gain visibility into ADM organizational performance and IT portfolios. Andrew talked about the methods to create an IT analytic capability, and how this capability can be backed by a business case.

Wipro-Forrester: Two to Tango - Quality and Velocity in Large IT Set-upDuring the webinar our guest presenters talked about concrete steps you can take to noticeably increase your responsiveness to your clients and their business stakeholders :
- Diego LoGiudice , VP and principal analyst - Forrester Research, Inc. expert in Agile, Quality and Software Measurement,
- Dr. Bill Curtis, Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality
- Suresh Bala, VP of Application Management at Wipro.

How To Reverse Your Technical DebtThe term ‘technical debt’ and the challenges it can bring are becoming more widely understood and discussed by IT and business leaders alike. Whether you are taking steps toward putting a technical debt reversal strategy in place or simply want to learn more about what it may mean for your organization, come hear David Sisk and Scott Buchholz, directors for Deloitte Consulting LLP’s U.S. Technology Practice and authors of Tech Trends 2014: Technical Debt Reversal. David and Scott have helped multiple clients tackle the issue and they will join us to talk about techniques you can use at many levels of the organization to address your mounting technical debt.

CRASH Report webinar - 051514During the webinar, Dr. Bill Curtis, our Chief Scientist, described some of the findings that are about to be published by CAST Research Labs in the upcoming CRASH report.

We revealed findings on correlations between the health factors – we learned that Performance Efficiency is pretty uncorrelated to other health factors and that Security is highly correlated to software Robustness. We also saw how the health factor scores were distributed across the sample set and the differences in structural quality by outsourcing, offshoring, Agile and CMMI level.

The recording is 45 minutes long, because we had many questions after the 25-minute presentation from Bill and we decided to stay on the line to handle all of the questions.

Next gen sourcing for application services
We heard from Forrester Analyst Bill Martorelli on the challenges today’s enterprises face when outsourcing application work. Bill explained how some have deployed advanced application analytics in their sourcing strategy in order to measure supplier performance and drive answers to key questions concerning cost, productivity and quality while improving results. He was joined by Xavier Escudero of the Government of Catalonia, who described how his organization uses software metrics to more effectively manage their vendor relationships.

7.2 Public Webinar
The #1 threat to your business is not cyber security – it’s the inherent state of your critical systems. Years of neglect, system complexity and the pace of development have created unstable systems which threaten your business. At CAST we help drive out IT risks by creating visibility into system weakness - providing clarity to stabilize systems, reduce rework and improve efficiency.

How to Speed Up Your Delivery to Business
Delivering innovative solutions faster has become a critical driver of business success. Today’s applications are complex, multi-component, multi-platform, multi-channel, and inter-dependent, making faster delivery a bigger challenge than ever. Kurt Bittner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, has been studying how best in class application delivery organizations have been able to shift into a significantly higher gear. The seemingly magical end results are actually based on consistently applied engineering principles including smaller batch sizes, loosely coupled and well-managed product architectures, and increasing the use of automation in the build-test-deploy cycle.

In this webinar, Kurt talked about the steps you can take to measurably increase your speed to market while reducing your exposure to risk.

Russell Reynolds : Path-to-CIO
Are you interested in how you can position yourself for a future in technology leadership? On Thursday, December 12th you have the opportunity to hear from Justin Cerilli, a leader in Russell Reynolds Associates CIO recruitment practice. Justin will discuss how technology leadership is evolving around the recent analytics trends in the enterprise. Many organizations have a CDO role, and most have requirements for analytics competence when choosing their executives for key roles. Justin will cover the types of analytics prevalent on the IT side and the Business side, and how to bolster your own analytics credentials in both spaces.

Webinar AGC - Take control of your off-shore development
Getting your arms around a customized SAP system to find and fix the root causes of such problems is notoriously difficult. Join Patrick Nottet, IT Architect at AGC, a leading glass manufacturer company, for a live webinar on November 7. Patrick will explain how AGC set up a structural software control system for off-shore and in-house developments and will discuss how AGC was able to improve performance and robustness of their SAP customization.

OnDemand Event:  Big Data, Big Problems
Do you want to make your systems more reliable and resilient before your organization becomes the next headline?  Watch our webinar with Melinda Ballou, Program Director for IDC's Application Life-Cycle Management & Executive Strategies research. 

Melinda discusses the trends driving recent high-profile outages with increasing frequency, and gives practical advice on adapting your strategy for quality analysis and improving architectural design upfront. You will also hear about new approaches and better practices you can adopt to help decrease your software risk, and you'll see case studies of effective prevention strategies and quick wins.

ERP Customization Kills Innovation
Forrester recently found that innovation has topped cost-cutting as an IT priority for the first time since the economic downturn. However, the rampant over-customization of ERP systems has led to disproportionate effort spent on system performance and availability issues, and also made outsourcing arrangements less effective. In the end, this wasted time and money is a hindrance to the adoption of the functionality and capabilities required to innovate. This webinar, with featured guest Liz Herbert, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research Inc, will address how to take control of your ERP system to enable growth and revenue generation.

Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior VP & Chief Scientist, CAST Research Labs and Director, Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) was invited to give a speech at the Italian Testing Forum (STF) on June 12, 2013 in Milan.

STF screen
Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior VP & Chief Scientist, CAST Research Labs and Director, Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), presents a framework for measuring and managing technical debt. He shows how this framework is built on top of the new standards published by CISQ for measuring software quality characteristics that is related to ISO 25010. He then relates how technical debt can be used to adjust productivity measures to account for productivity declines across releases resulting from increases in technical debt.

Tactical APM
If you have ever been involved in an application portfolio management (APM) effort, you’ve probably seen good information get collected and then never get used in a meaningful way. But when done well, APM can help the IT team make informed modernization decisions and create the transparency needed to substantiate app dev budgets to the business. This webinar, led by guest speaker, Phil Murphy, VP and Research Director with Forrester Research, will explain how an effective APM program will bring transparency to your application portfolio so you can develop trust with business leaders and apply resources more strategically.

New Normal in Government IT
The effects of the sequestration on government IT Program Management may not be as public as other programs--but you can be sure the budget cuts will be felt. In this webinar, Gary Winkler, former Program Executive Officer of ARMY's Enterprise Information Systems, will be joining Dr. Bill Curtis, Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), for a discussion on how to thrive in leaner times. Mr. Winkler will discuss pragmatic steps programs can take to adapt to the "new normal", and Dr. Curtis will touch on the virtues of Lean IT management and how new standards and risk measurement can be leveraged to empower the program office to bolster their processes and technical governance.

Manage Security Risk
The perimeter of your enterprise applications is continuously expanding and security boundaries are increasing exponentially with the proliferation of mobile devices and the cloud. Application and system security is no longer only the responsibility of IT Security professionals; everyone is now being asked to understand, manage, and control the growing risks. This webinar will review an application risk assessment case study from a Fortune 250 leader in business enablement technologies and explain how you can develop an enterprise software assurance program.

Java Applications and Coffee
Unlike with coffee, the framework and technologies you choose for Java applications must not be based on personal preferences and should instead be carefully evaluated and rationalized against objective facts and business requirements. CAST Research Labs (CRL) has analyzed our repository of static analysis data on hundreds of Java business applications with different framework and database combinations. In this webinar, we will reveal our findings so you can create a better vision for future Java application development.

In Capgemini’s Application Landscape Report, 85% IT executives state that their application portfolios are in need of rationalization. In this webinar, you will hear from Ron Tolido, CTO of Applications with Capgemini and author of the report, on how an analytical approach to rationalization can control budgets and free up funds for innovation. We will also cover how effective portfolio management is supported by analytics that enable benchmarking of applications and teams, and ways you can regain control of bloated and complex portfolios.

Reduce Software Risk
Hear guest speaker Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc, engage in a conversation with Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Chairman and CEO of OMG and executives at CAST and Tata Consultancy Services Limited discuss the new impetus in achieving quality assurance earlier in the traditional life-cycle.These industry leaders discuss how the growth in Agile development, the influence of continuous delivery via DevOps, and the architectural challenges of next-generation applications impacted by mobility, social and big data challenge the traditional testing and QA model. You will come away with insight on how to adapt and evolve internal and external QA and Testing practices and develop new measures of quality in a more dynamic applications environment.

Path to CIO
In this webinar hear from Justin Cerilli, a leader at Russell Reynolds Associates CIO recruitment practice, as he discusses the emerging must-have skills and competencies businesses look for when hiring IT executives. Justin has experience recruiting CIOs and Application executives for Fortune 500 companies, which has given him a front row seat to many successful IT executive careers and a unique perspective on how the CIO role has evolved over time.  You won't want to miss his expert advice on how you can position yourself for a future in technology leadership.

Hear how you can assess the risk and resiliency in your key applications and proactively prevent the types of high-profile failures that have appeared all too frequently in the news recently. CAST’s Application Intelligence Platform and Rapid Portfolio Analysis solutions can help you avoid these types of “software glitches” by allowing you to gain greater visibility through automated code review that identifies the root causes of risks before they become production problems, while expediting time-to-market with shorter release time lines and improved business agility.

Are you not seeing any real benefits from your current Application Portfolio Management (APM) tools and services? Learn about CAST Rapid Portfolio Analysis (RPA), a low-cost, cloud-based service that is helping organizations get the most out of their APM efforts by providing information required for objective portfolio-level decisions more quickly, easily and inexpensively. RPA can deliver results on a large portfolio in a matter of hours, providing comprehensive quality, technical debt and size measures. As a result, you can make fact-based decisions on risks that drain budgets, increase production failures and affect responsiveness. During the webinar, we'll also discuss a case study of a global commercial bank, where CAST RPA was used to analyze 200 applications to enable a data-driven strategy for global resource and budget allocation.

Hear Stephanie Moore, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, discuss a major challenge that 48% of IT executives say they face with existing outsourcing relationships – poor quality. Expanding on findings in the July 2011 report “Maintaining Vendor Management Vigilance in the Overheated Global Sourcing Market”, Stephanie will talk about how quality is at the heart of vendor management---whether in the processes and standards used by your vendors, the staff assigned to your projects, or the application code itself.

In this webinar David Norton of Gartner Research discusses recent findings on Technical Debt that estimates industry IT debt is at $500 billion—and on target to reach $1 trillion by 2015. He also talks about the importance of Software Analysis & Measurement to manage Technical Debt, how to measure debt continuously to control TCO of the application lifecycle and include debt measurement in project management and prioritization.

In this webinar, experts from CAST and The David Consulting Group will explain how to proactively manage risk while optimizing the value you bring to the business by adding application quality measurements into the assessment process to ensure project deliverables meet requirements and expectations.

In this webinar, Steve Hall, author of "Managing Global Development Risk,” discusses the challenge of aligning vendor SLAs with long term business value. Steve discusses how you can build healthier and transparent relationships between vendors and customers by incorporating application structural quality measurement and practical, meaningful metrics to mitigate risk. You’ll learn how you can avoid vendor lock-in, improve production support activities and align metrics between vendors and project managers.

Don’t miss an exciting webinar with Melinda Ballou, a leading analyst with IDC, as she reviews the newly defined market category of Software Quality Analysis and Measurement (SQAM).   Hear Melinda discuss the motivation behind increased spend on SQAM such as competitive pressures requiring rapid adaptability while avoiding software failure, complex sourcing environments that include onshore, offshore and open source options, and economic impacts that drive efficiency and accountability in development.

CAST’s second annual report on global trends in the structural quality of business applications shows that the average business application has $3.61 of Technical Debt per line of code.  Hear from Dr. Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist and SVP of CAST Research Labs on findings and implications in the report, along with industry benchmark data.  Some of the topics covered include if certain technologies are more susceptible to technical debt, if the size and age of an application affects its structural quality, and if the application development methodology (agile, waterfall, etc.) has an impact on structural quality.

Hear from Raju Pusapati, Head of Enterprise Architecture and a consumer finance firm, on adopting an innovative IT Governance model to proactively measure and manage the key drivers of application costs and risks.  With Software Analysis and Measurement, they have achieved a state of more reliable applications, satisfied business owners and ultimately happier customers.

Listen to an exciting lineup of experts on the Future of Software Analysis and Measurement:  Dan Galorath, President & CEO of Galorath Inc and Bill Curtis, SVP & Chief Scientist, CAST will have an engaging discussion moderated by David Herron, VP, Knowledge Solution Services, David Consulting Group.  These industry veterans will discuss how SAM tools coupled with estimate models can impact organizational performance through increased ROI, customer satisfaction and business value.

Hear Steve Eannuzzi, VP at Bank of New York Mellon, discuss the quest to improve the structural quality of their core applications by identifying defects earlier in the development cycle and eliminating waste in application development applications to reduce outages and achieve productivity improvements.

Ask 10 IT executives what they mean by Application Portfolio Management (APM) and you’re likely to get 11 different answers! With the ratio of new development to maintenance spending currently at 30 to 70 (or worse) in many IT organizations, it’s absolutely critical to get APM right to make room for new applications that drive business growth. But what exactly is APM and is it worth the trouble?


Join us on as guest speaker Forrester Research Inc. Principal Analyst Phil Murphy discusses his research on APM at 30 companies, and the distinct patterns of APM success and failure. Phil’s presentation provides data on portfolio budgets and trends and will explain how to:


  • Implement APM – the universal steps and the techniques for gathering key metrics
  • Select the right APM tools for your business objectives
  • Record and preserve critical application knowledge that SMEs carry in their heads
  • Create an objective foundation for managing vendors

Pat Howard, VP Global Application Software Delivery at IBM discussed about "Development and Maintenance for the IBM Corporation"