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Cyber security is fast becoming one of the most critical issues in the IT world. As an increasing number of businesses are going digital and with cyber criminals becoming far more prolific and dangerous, the need for steadfast cyber security solutions has never been so important.

In order to reduce the risk of these malicious intrusions, businesses need to better understand the issues surrounding cyber security, such as where their weaknesses lie and how to reinforce them, as well as why businesses are becoming more and more susceptible to such an onslaught of progressively sophisticated attacks. It is also of vital importance that your personnel are sufficiently educated in the protection measures available, so as to further ensure maximum protection of your organisation.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the multitude of SAP experience at the event or simply looking at the next innovations in the marketplace, UKISUG Connect 2017 should not be missed by any SAP professional.

New York, NY

The QA Financial Forum is the only conference focused on Quality Assurance and Testing for Continuous App Delivery, IT Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, Test Automation, Virtualization and the Cloud.
Produced to meet the information needs of senior IT professionals and procurement at banks, asset management companies and insurance companies, Be our VIP guest at this unique conference. Discuss new technologies, network with your peers and hear from experts from leading financial firms on topics of IT Risk Management & Quality assurance for Continuous App delivery. Send us your details here for limited VIP passes!

CAST is a silver level sponsor.

Combine the possibilities of cloud, SaaS, IaaS & PaaS with the interconnected world of IoT to ensure maximum efficiency of all processes, infrastucture & enterprise architectures

Madrid, Spain

CAST ha organizado este orientado a concienciar de la situación a los profesionales del sector, comunidad educativa y padres, sobre la importancia de divulgar en qué consiste una carrera tecnológica y sus diferentes salidas. Y debatir sobre cómo los profesionales del sector de TI pueden convertirse en motor de difusión para atraer talento, también, del género femenino.

Paris, France

La 9ème édition de la conférence annuelle de CAST aura pour thème « Les nouveaux champs d'application de la mesure des logiciels ». Plusieurs sujets seront abordés comme l'agilité du SI, la conformité avec le GDPR, la sécurisation du DevOps, l'IA, le Security by Design, etc.
Cette conférence dédiée aux DSI sera l'occasion de présenter les tendances de la mesure des logiciels par l'intermédiaire de témoignages et échanges pendant une matinée complète.

Las Vegas, NV

Empower your entire enterprise to address digital business opportunities and use leading technologies to create and deploy business critical solutions. Explore best practices to build an applications organization with the agility and flexibility to support today’s digital business demands. Empower your enterprise to address digital business opportunities and use leading technologies to create and deploy business critical solutions.Accelerate engagement, drive customer experience and deliver digital business innovation at the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit.

Join CAST for the 6th edition of the sourcing summit and the OM Dinner. The conference will focus on the importance of value compared to costs. As main partner for IT vendor managers, we analyze deliveries value by deeply analyze and measure applications. OM Dinner Show is a unique event with Christmas spirit regrouping senior sourcing executives for an entertaining evening dedicated to Outsourcing.

This session will feature a presentation and demonstration of CAST's Software Intelligence capability. Learn how to retrieve, correlate, and analyze all application components to provide an in depth understanding of complex and legacy systems. This technology review session provides attendees with hands-on exposure to some of the major features of CAST software intelligence capability.