Some might think that software measurement and application intelligence is dry business. At CAST, we are out to change the industry we work in. So we sometimes need to have some fun when describing our ambitious mission, because that’s the only way to get it across. Once a year we all get together as a company at one location, and normally this activity motivates us to compose one or several short films. On this page, you will find some of CAST’s cinematographic highlights.




Some systems are just that brittle. You add a few features and it takes 3 weeks for the application to stabilize. During peak load hours you have to double the size of your production team to handle the additional risk. Wouldn’t it be great if you could move the needle on the robustness of your applications and let them carry the weight?




Do you know that application that’s so complex and convoluted that any change request takes forever to scope, to code and to test? We all have those applications. After a while they become like digital concrete. What if we could turn the dial to make some of these applications easier to navigate and safer to enhance.




Sometimes you just can’t throw enough hardware at a major system to make it meet its performance SLAs. And even if you are throwing hardware at it, you’re probably wasting time, money and other resources. Would it be nice to put a finger on your software to make your applications fundamentally more efficient?




You know your software is full of cracks, openings and trap doors that can be opened when attacked. Don’t rely on your firewall, your intrusion detection, and your network security. How about moving the needle on the software vulnerabilities that abound in your codebase to make your applications fundamentally more secure?



Harmony in Application Development

Harmony is defined as a pleasing combination of elements in a whole. This is not something that's easily achieved when building software—yet, harmonious systems are key to running your business, growing your company, and making your clients happy. If you are having trouble seeing the whole picture CAST can help.



Stop Measuring for Measurement Sake

Measurement...seems like everyone is doing it and nobody is really sure why. Developer tools and freeware generate plenty of numbers, but to what end? Most systems continue to degrade in quality and become increasingly more complex, so it's time to stop measuring for measurement sake.

The Cook


The Cook (Your body is a temple)

You don't put just anything into your body, do you? Even if you do, the government tries to make sure you are protected. But there's no government agency to protect software. Like the lunch you just ate, your systems look OK. The developers and testers told you they're OK. But one look at the headlines and you can see that is not always the case...



The CAST Button

CAST Application Intelligence Platform - insights and visibility to proactively manage risks in your software applications, projects and outsourcing

CAST Button
Turn Right


Technical Debt: "Turn Right"

TECHNICAL DEBT KARMA – Don’t let your past actions hound your future. Funny take on Technical Debt.



Make the Invisible Visible with Software Analysis & Measurement

See how CAST gives you the essential visibility to build with confidence and quality

Software Whisperer


The Software Whisperer

As a wise scrum master (a.k.a. the “Software Whisperer”) once said, “Don’t make me slap your API!”. See how complex development is corralled into shape by CAST.



Dog Sniffer: Get Software Productivity Right

Don’t be fooled by a cute dog! See how to really get software productivity right!

Dog Sniffer



Sung to the music of Y-M-C-A, this is an animated video that points a comedic finger at some of the issues and implications that IT often experiences with poor-quality software. Turn up the base on this one!



Better Or Worse?

A short commercial spot to demonstrate that, while difficult, CAST makes software quality measurement possible. Putting a measure on intellectual output is difficult if not impossible. CAST puts a precise measure on software quality.

Better Or Worse
How Much


How Much?

A short commercial spot to demonstrate that, while difficult, CAST makes software size measurement possible. Quantifying intellectual output is nearly impossible. CAST makes meaningful quantification of software possible



Good Software is Good Business

A 7-minute documentary style film that explains the impact of poor software on business performance, and why a lot of IT software is badly engineered.

Good Software is Good Business
From Craft to Manufacturing


From Craft to Manufacturing

An 8-minute documentary style film that’s set in the future when all software is created perfectly defect-free. Traces the history of the software industry and the pivotal role that CAST played in the industry’s evolution.